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  • Getting Started with Your Clinic Growth (Full Site) Subscription

    Here's how to get started with your new Full Site subscription. You're going to love this :-)

  • March/April 2021 Update

    As usual masses to announce: Random Acts of Kindness Social Media campaign; Positive Pregnancy Patient Information Resources, Social Media campaign and Full Site Content Marketing Campaign; not to mention the epic April Journal, which is a start-to-finish marketing handbook and guide to getting the most out of your Co-Kinetic subscription; some new posters for your clinic walls and more! Log in, or register free below to view the full list and get shortcut links to the content.

  • Should I Use Social Media for my Physical Therapy Business? If So, Why and How? [Article]

    Social media. Some people love it, some people hate it and the rest of us tolerate it, mostly begrudgingly. If done badly, it can lead to a huge amount of wasted time, without any kind of return on that investment. That said, it also has many benefits and small businesses in particular can really benefit from a good social media page, you just need to make sure you're following a solid strategy.

    In this article I’ll outline the strengths of having active social network pages but more importantly review what you can achieve for your business by having a good social media presence. I will look at the key objectives for healthcare-based businesses and explain what you should be prioritising and why. Lastly, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions such as which platforms should you be using, how many times a day should you be posting and whether or not you should you be spending time on more than one platform. We also cover some social media trends for 2020. Hold onto your horses....!

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  • January/February 2021 Update

    New this month is the January issue of the Co-Kinetic journal, four new gift voucher campaigns (themed on the Jan Sales, Winter Blues and Valentine's Day) and a quick reminder about some previously published content that could be useful to you at this time of year.

  • Build Business Strength Through Collaboration [Article]

    In 2020 the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that all therapists have had to adapt to survive. These times, although tough, have also been the push to create better solutions. This article shows how, with the right mix of inspiration, advice, connections, courage and serendipity, adapting can lead not only to a business surviving but a new business being created and flourishing. Login or register a free account below to access the article.

  • December 2020 Update - Christmas social media, Holistic Health Marketing Campaign and new Voucher System Launched

    A roundup of all the content published in the last month on Co-Kinetic and designed to help you market and promote your business in a completely unsalesy way. This includes two Christmas-Themed Marketing Campaigns featuring ready-to-go social media, pre-loaded into our simple 4 step social media scheduling tool within Co-Kinetic. There are also nurture emails, educational webinar presentations, blog posts, email lead collection pages and much more.

  • Getting Started with Your Patient Information Resources Subscription

    Here's how to get started with your Patient Information Resources subscription including how to use the share links, share the resources on your social network and how to print and download the PDF versions (and add your branding).

  • Getting Started with Your Clinical Education Subscription

    Watch this short 5 minute video to show you how to get started with (and get the most out of) your Co-Kinetic Clinical Education subscription.

  • Getting Started with Your Branding Upgrade

    This help post explains how to use the branding upgrade feature to add your brand and contact details to our brandable content. For more information about this feature, click here. Or to learn how to set up your details if you have already purchased the upgrade, continue on with this article.

  • Become a Co-Kinetic affiliate

    More info about how you can earn commission on any subscriptions generated by promoting free resources from Co-Kinetic like education-based webinars, free articles and patient leaflets.

  • Happy Holidays in Numbers [Infographic]

    The latest infographic that we created for the Happy Holidays Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists. Check it out in full here - OPEN ACCESS.

  • Getting Started with Your Voucher Subscription

    Just purchased either the Voucher or Clinic Growth subscriptions? This article tells you how to get started setting up and selling your vouchers.

  • I'm Starting a New Physical Therapy Business What Marketing Do I Need to Do? [Article]

    This article details four key marketing cornerstones that are fundamental to building a healthy business. It explains why each aspect is important, as well as how you can bring them to life in practical terms. It doesn’t matter if you’re not yet treating patients, in fact you can benefit particularly by following this advice, but equally if you are already treating patients, or even running an established clinic, the cornerstones remain the same, just their order of priority will change (which I’ve also detailed). I’ve tried to answer the marketing questions I’m most frequently asked by people at all stages of business. As with all my articles, it is packed with practical advice and links to outside resources which will help you to implement the advice, particularly if you are easily intimidated by technology. Register below for open access to the full article.

  • Rugby Injuries in Numbers [Infographic]

    The latest infographic that we created for the Rugby Injuries Done-for-You Social Media and the Full Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists. Check it out in full here - OPEN ACCESS.

  • Tor’s Take on the Last 20 Years of Co-Kinetic [Article]

    Twenty one years ago I abandoned my life as a physiotherapist to publish an educational journal for medical professionals working in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury. The first issue went out during The All England Tennis Championships (Wimbledon). As a once relatively committed player, it seemed fitting. And was the sole reason why Steffi Graf graced my first ever cover. Twenty years on, much has changed, but in ways very little has changed. The ethos of the journal, was and always has been to save you time. If you're interested in the business journey Co-Kinetic and I have taken, and the lessons I've learnt in the process, then keep reading....