Sportex Time-saving marketing resources for physical & manual therapists


  • Chronic Pain Posters

    September is International Pain Awareness Month which creates the ideal opportunity to add some relevant, eye-catching artwork to your clinic walls or treatment areas. You can also add your branding and contact details to all the posters. Updated to include Canva templates.

    Included in this set are:

    • The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain
    • The Cycle of Chronic Pain
    • The Pain Scale
    • How Pain Affects Your Life (infographic)
  • Men's Pelvic Health Poster [Canva Artwork]

    Part of our efforts to help you breathe new life into your clinic walls and treatment areas - this poster on Men's Pelvic Health is provided as a Canva template meaning you can order it to be printed through Canva at any size from A4-A1 - a service which is available internationally, is extremely cost-effective and uses local printing companies around the world. This poster is available under under all four of our subscriptions of can be purchased individually below.

  • Mastering the Menopause Poster Artwork

    Print out these posters and add some eye-catching visuals in your clinic waiting or treatments room. Not only are they great looking pieces of artwork, but the information on the posters is also useful and informative! Print them out at A4 with your branding on the bottom, through the Co-Kinetic site, or use the link to the Canva artwork to add your own branding, and order professionally printed versions of the posters in A3, A2 or A1 sizes. It's very cool! Register or login in below to learn more.

  • 5 Ways to Support Your Local Business and Customer Review Request Artwork

    Customisable artwork that can be printed professionally or using your home/office printer to a) highlight ways in which people can support small local businesses like physical and manual therapy clinics and b) a customisable leaflet and postcard you can use to ask people to give your business a review (which is arguably the single most powerful marketing activity you can do). Just add your review link/s to the customisable artwork and then either download the images to print out locally, or have them professionally printed through the Canva platform. Register or login for more details about how it works and what you can do with it.

  • Timeless Testimonials: The Power of Reviews [Article]

    It’s easy for some (although admittedly not all), to brag about themselves and the services and products they offer, but there’s honestly no better way to build trust and demonstrate authenticity and validity than by using customer testimonials. This article discusses the evidence behind why testimonials and reviews can have such an impact both on your bottom line as well as the ability to be found, and then looks at some practical ways to implement what we discuss. Login or register a free account below to access the contents and key points that accompany the article.

  • Football Injury Infographic Posters [Brandable and Customisable]

    Add some eye-catching flare to your working area. Varying sizes of artwork that you can use to decorate your clinic walls or working areas. The A4 sized posters are brandable within the Co-Kinetic site, or there are A3, A2 and A1 editable Canva templates which you can order for professional printing.

  • Mountain Biking Injuries, Strength Training for Runners and Massage for Wellness Infographic Posters for Your Clinic Wall

    Three visually eye-catching and educational infographics which you can print out as posters to decorate your clinic or treatment walls. These are included with all four of our core subscriptions (Patient Information, Clinical Education, Social Media and Full Site).

  • Share Some Love with Our Random Acts of Kindness and Gratitude Social Media (and Posters)

    A simple social media campaign (along with 4 accompanying posters for your clinic walls) featuring 18 heart-warming posts, encouraging people to perform random acts of kindness during their day. This social media was inspired by my friends working in healthcare during the peak of the Covid pandemic, but random acts of kinds should be encouraged every day of the year, wherever we are in the world, whether in good times or bad, which is why I've made this campaign fully open access to anyone with a registered account (no subscription required). Just register below and either follow the guided tour showing you how to set up your campaign and post to your social networks, or download the zip file of Facebook and Instagram images for use with your own social media scheduling tools and let's spread the love.

  • Thank You to Our Amazing Key Workers [Posters, Postcards and Social Media]

    Posters, postcards and social media artwork you can use to say thank you to our amazing key workers. Have you got key worker clients? If so, why not get some of the postcards printed out to send them a personal thank you message. Print out the posters for your home or clinic and post the social media on your social networks.

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  • Immediate Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries is all about PEACE and LOVE [Poster and Patient Leaflet]

    An eye-catching leaflet and poster detailing the new approach to the immediate management of soft-tissue injuries in two sizes (A4 and A3) of PDF artwork, that you can use to decorate your clinic wall or working area. The A4 sized poster is also rebrandable.

  • Gold Standard Exercise Recommendations for Health Infographic Poster

    An eye-catching infographic poster in A3 and A4 sizes giving exercise recommendations for health across the three main age groups. It also includes two pieces of with bleeds in case you want to have these posters professionally printed. The A4 sized poster is also rebrandable.

  • How to Make a Speedy Recovery from your Hip Replacement Operation Infographic Poster

    A fun leaflet or poster infographic in A4 and A3 sizes, giving the top tips for a successful recovery from a hip replacement operation. The A4 version can be branded. Once again we have also provided the bleed versions of both posters in case you want to have them professionally printed (if so download the zip file under the Media Contents area).

  • Massage and Sports Massage Posters

    Add some flare to your working area. Varying sizes of artwork that you can use to decorate your clinic walls or working areas. The A4 sized posters are also rebrandable. Included in this set are:

    • 25 Reasons to Get a Massage
    • The Benefits of Sports Massage
    • Should I Get a Massage Today
  • I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas Advent Calendar Style Poster

    An eye-catching and fun poster designed to look like an advent calendar with 25 ideas on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas this season. A great way to jazz up your clinic walls this festive season. Not only is it a great looking piece of artwork, but the information on the poster is also informative! Either print it out at home or in the office in A4 size or use the link to the Canva artwork to order professionally printed versions of the poster in A3, A2 or A1 sizes. It's very cool! Login, or register free below, to get access to the poster artwork.

  • Christmas Posters for Your Clinic - OPEN ACCESS

    Nine stunning Christmas-themed posters in two formats (PDF and Canva templates) which you can brand and have printed to encourage your clinic visitors to buy vouchers, write reviews, or take other positive actions for your business this Christmas.

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  • I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas Social Media Campaign

    A festive social media campaign (along with an accompanying poster for your clinic walls) featuring 25 festive posts, that will encourage and inform your customers on ways they can have a Green Christmas! This campaign is fully accessible to those with both Social Media and Full Site subscriptions. You'll can post our Christmas content to your social networks, download or print out a super cool poster, and even order the poster to be professionally printed through Canva (in sizes as big as A1)! What are you waiting for? Let's go and spread some eco-friendly festive cheer!