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  • Men's Pelvic Health Content Marketing Campaign for Physical Therapists

    This is an all-in-one content marketing campaign on the topic of men's pelvic health, designed to get the conversation started. We’ll look at what we mean by pelvic health, the different ways in which poor pelvic health can affect men, and what treatments can help. The social media, in conjunction with pre-built lead collection pages, have been designed to help you collect new email leads while at the same time offering helpful, value-adding advice and resources to your viewers. The shareable client leaflets and pre-written email are designed to help you nurture and build trust with new as well as existing clients and prospects; the blog post to help you boost your SEO; and the PowerPoint presentation, posters and promotional material are designed to help you organise and run either an online or face-to-face educational event to help you bring in new customers.

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  • Men's Health Theme: Fully Editable Web Sign-Up Page

    A specially-designed (editable) web form with a men's health 'theme', which you can customise to take sign-ups to any kind of event or offer, provide a free download, or use to sell a one-off product or an ongoing subscription such as a membership package for example, to your clinic, a private Facebook group, a premium area on your website, or to give access to an online course or class.

    Clinic Growth subscribers have access to ALL the themed pages under this section of content as part of their subscription. Alternatively, if you don't have a Clinic Growth subscription, you can buy access to individual themed sign-up pages for example for hosting a specific event or selling a specific product or subscription. There is a small monthly ongoing hosting charge while the page remains live, but this can be easily cancelled as soon as you are finished using the page.

    You can edit the text on most areas on the page as well as choose from five different Calls to Action (CTAs):

    1. Sign Up (collects email and phone number sign ups)
    2. Call Now (rings a telephone number you designate)
    3. Book Now/Download Now/Visit URL (redirects to a booking URL of your choice) - you can also use this CTA to offer free downloads
    4. Buy Now (make a single one-off purchase)
    5. Subscribe Now (sign up to a fixed term or ongoing subscription)

    You can change the images on the page if you want to convey a different theme.

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