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  • Golf Injuries: A Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists [Premium/Full Site Subscription]

    An all-in-one marketing strategy with content, that you can use to promote yourself and your business to people with an interest in golf. It includes ready-to-post social media content (including videos) to help you collect new email leads through your social media channels. There's a pre-written blog post to make you more findable on Google, a pre-written email to help you nurture relationships with your existing email contacts, PowerPoint presentations, posters, and loads more resources to help you convert your email prospects into paying customers

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  • Golf Injuries - Fully Editable Web Sign Up Page

    A specially-designed (editable) web form with a "Golf Injuries" theme, which you can customise to take free sign-ups to any kind of event or offer, provide a free download, or use to sell a one-off product or an ongoing subscription such as a membership package for example, to your clinic, a private Facebook group, a premium area on your website, or to give access to an online course or class.

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    You can edit the text on most areas on the page as well as choose from five different Calls to Action (CTAs): 1. Sign Up (collects email and phone number sign ups) 2. Call Now (rings a telephone number you designate) 3. Book Now (redirects to a booking URL of your choice) - you can also use this CTA to offer free downloads 4. Buy Now (make a single one-off purchase) 5. Subscribe Now (sign up to a fixed term or ongoing subscription)

    The title of the form describes the theme of the images on the page but there are also blank templates available which you can use to build a page to suit your own unique theme, event, offer, product or membership.

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  • Golfing Injury Patient Information Resources

    Set of rebrandable client resources on the topic of golfing injuries. It includes a client newsletter, "Avoid the Back Pain Bunker", an exercise handout of back strengthening exercises, a golf injury cheat sheet and an infographic on 5 Strategies for Avoiding a Golfing Injury. For more information about branding the content click here. You can download the infographic and three pieces of associated social media by logging in or registering a free account below (no subscription required).

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  • Patient Information Leaflet: Back Strengthening for Golfers [Printable leaflet]

    This leaflet covers back strengthening exercises for golfers and has been written for patients. The exercise handout gives information on the rehabilitation programme, guidance for stretching exercises and progression speed. You can purchase it individually using the Purchase button below, or as part of any of the main Co-Kinetic subscriptions.

  • Golfers’ wrist: A slice (of ECU) or a hook? - Fisic Conference Presentation 2015 (10 mins)

    This content consists of a 10 minute video presentation professionally produced and presented at the Fisic Conference 2015.

    Mr Douglas Campbell graduated from the University of Dundee in 1986, completed a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA 1995 and was appointed as a Consultant Hand & Wrist Surgeon in 1998. He completed a two-year Master of Surgery (ChM) research degree in 2000 on the late effects of hand injuries and his thesis was published by the University of Leeds where he is now an Honorary Senior Lecturer.

    Mr Campbell has developed a strong clinical reputation in the field of sports injuries, complex problems of wrist function, and traumatic problems of both hand and wrist. His contribution to Sports Medicine was recognised by the award of a Foundation Fellowship of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (FFSEM) in 2009.

    He is a Member of the Medical Advisory Board of the European PGA Tour, providing support to Europe's elite golfers. He is the Club Surgeon of Leeds United FC and also acts as specialist medical adviser to a number of professional football clubs, the Scottish Rugby Union, Premiership Rugby Union clubs, almost half of the Super League Rugby League clubs, county cricket clubs and UK Gymnastics. In addition, he is consultant to the Northern Ballet Theatre and regularly treats professional musicians, both classical and contemporary.

    Mr Campbell was Visiting Professor to the Australian Orthopaedic Association in 2008 and the Western Australian Hand Surgery Society in 2010, and has also been a Plenary Lecturer to the Asia Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand and Visiting Lecturer to the South African Hand Surgery Society, American Society for Surgery of the Hand and Belgian Hand Surgery Society.