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  • Covid-19 Patient Rehabilitation and Recovery Resources

    Rebrandable client resources specifically aimed to help people rehabilitate from Covid-19, including Recovering from Covid-19, Recovering From Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Following Covid-19, The PRAISE Tool for Measuring Pulmonary (Lung) Rehabilitation [Downloadable Patient Questionnaire] and How to Perform the 6-Minute Walk Test. Each leaflet is automatically rebranded if you have the branding upgrade. For more information about the branding upgrade click here. You can download all FIVE of these leaflets by logging in or registering a free account below (no subscription required).

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  • How to Monetise Your Therapy Skills Online [Article]

    In this article I’m going to look at how you can use your physical and manual therapy skills to generate revenue online, and discuss briefly why I think this is business-critical. There is a very small amount of cross-over with my Covid Survival Strategies webinar, but most of the content of this article (and my new webinar) is fresh and better informed, as a result of having four months of hindsight, and not being in emergency survival mode! The key to business survival is diversity. It’s about spreading the risk so that not all our eggs are held in one basket, and we have only one source of income. To read this article in full, just login or register free below (no subscription required). To sign up to the webinar click/or visit this link (

  • Rehabilitation Following Covid-19 Part 2: Practical Applications [Article]

    Having read Part 1 of this article, you will be aware of the complex and varied nature of conditions that Covid-19 survivors might face. Reading this article will enable you to assess all the needs of your patients and to prepare individualised rehabilitation programmes. Additionally, advice and ideas are provided to allow you to decide how best to deliver these programmes, whether in person or online, to minimise any spread of infection. Login or register a free account below to read this article in full (no subscription required) and download the 5 accompanying patient advice leaflets on various aspects of Covid-19 recovery.

  • Rehabilitation Following COVID-19 Part 1: Theoretical Considerations [Article]

    In the UK we have been living in lockdown since 23 March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people – an almost science-fiction-style scenario. Even with this devastating death toll, many more people are experiencing the disease and surviving. As time goes on we are beginning to discover the complications that recovered patients – particularly those who have spent time in ICU – are living with. This article, Part 1, discusses the many manifestations of Covid-19 and Part 2 discusses how to structure a rehabilitation programme for Covid-19 survivors (and also includes printable, downloadable patient rehabilitation resources). For full free access to both articles (and patient resources), no subscription required, just login or register a free account below.

  • A Short Reflection on What Covid-19 May Mean for the Therapist in 2020 and Beyond [Article]

    When I published the last issue of Co-Kinetic, we had just smacked headlong into the wall of Covid-19 and here we are three months later, a little battered and bruised, but hopefully having had the opportunity to take a good long look at our businesses and make some much-needed changes...

  • Thank You to Our Amazing Key Workers [Posters, Postcards and Social Media]

    Posters, postcards and social media artwork you can use to say thank you to our amazing key workers. Have you got key worker clients? If so, why not get some of the postcards printed out to send them a personal thank you message. Print out the posters for your home or clinic and post the social media on your social networks.

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  • Covid-19 Social Media and Lead Collection Campaign

    Eighteen pieces of of social media (and assorted information resources) giving advice on various aspects of surviving the Covid 19 lockdown. It includes 7 client information leaflets and accompanying social media and is designed to engage your social network viewers, as well as build your email list, as each piece of social media links to a email lead collection form where people can sign up to receive the downloadable information resources. Once they have entered their details, we collect those email details for you, and deliver them to the resources they have signed up to receive. You can use the campaign to grow your email list, create engaging and informative social media pages and build your reputation and authority by publishing some super-helpful content to your social networks.

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  • Covid-19 Client Information Health & Wellbeing Resources

    Rebrandable client resources on a range of health and wellbeing topics particularly relevant to Covid-19, including building a strong immune system, staying healthy, and practical strategies for coping during lockdown (we'll also be adding some exercise leaflets for exercises your clients can do from home). Each leaflet is automatically rebranded if you have the branding upgrade. For more information about the branding upgrade click here. You can download FIVE of these leaflets along with accompanying social media, by logging in or registering a free account below (no subscription required).

    These leaflets are included in all our monthly subscriptions or they can be purchased individually using the purchase button below.

  • How to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 and Keep Your Business on Track [Article]

    While we’re all sick of hearing about coronavirus, the reality is that this is likely to an increase in cancellations and a decrease of new appointment bookings. This article is a highly practical guide containing a range of strategies you can employ to mitigate the effect of this drop in appointments on your business and your cashflow. In fact, you may also find some revenue-generation ideas which will help you to strengthen and grow your business going forward.

  • Patient Information Leaflet: Physical Activity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) [Printable leaflet]

    This patient information leaflet covers physical activity and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The leaflet includes information on how can physical activity help if you have ME/CFS, staying safe, learning to pace yourself, what next and what type of activity is best - how much and how often. The A4 full colour leaflet in PDF format is designed to be printed out and handed to your clients and can also be used on your website as part of a "call to action" document download (for more information read our article "Physical therapy website design: 10 homepage essentials for getting new clients"). You can purchase the leaflet individually, as part of the patient information section or as part of a full site subscription.

    Our Co-Kinetic patient advice leaflets are written and reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of medical and fitness professionals. Every leaflet is peer-reviewed at the very minimum by a professional in each of the following disciplines: physical therapy, manual therapy and exercise/fitness. Where appropriate we may also ask a recognised national charity to review and approve the content.