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  • The Blueprint for Running a Successful Open Clinic Event: Part 1 Concept and Planning [Article]

    Most therapy businesses are constantly looking for new or innovative ways to promote their business, and running an Open Clinic event is an AMAZING way to do it. These kind of events can come in all sorts of shapes and size; it could be just you, opening the doors to your home practice, inviting clients to a free talk, all the way up to collaborating with other practitioners in your area, making it a real Health & Wellness event, reaching as many new clients as possible. Typically it allows potential clients to visit your premises, try out some taster sessions, meet the practitioners and access some exclusive offers. In this series of articles, I’ll talk you through the 6 Step Blueprint for creating a successful Open Clinic event. Register below for open access to the full article.

  • The Overwhelming Case for "Try Before You Buy" Conversion Events [Article]

    One of the best ways of bringing in new paying customers, is to offer ‘try before you buy’ or ‘conversion’ events. These could involve anything from a free consultation, assessment, open day, treatment or education event. Your imagination is your only limit. There are SO many advantages to these ‘open’ events, it’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t embrace them, but some people are vehemently opposed to them because they feel it devalues their expertise. In this article, I’m review some of the biggest advantages and leave it to you to decide whether they can work for you. This article is fully OPEN ACCESS.

  • The Co-Kinetic Marketing Blueprint

    The Co-Kinetic Marketing System: is a package of content and technology, built on a proven marketing strategy, which is specifically designed to help physical therapists attract more clients, and grow their businesses. It is a bit like a fajita kit with all the ingredients, cooking utensils and the oven included too! The Blueprint: has been put together to support subscribers using the Co-Kinetic Marketing System. However, it also outlines a proven marketing strategy that can be used by anyone to win new clients, and it explains in practical terms how to implement this strategy, step-by- step. It's available as an OPEN ACCESS article and interactive resource.

  • How to Generate £3,000 in Revenue in Just 6 Hours – Blizard Physiotherapy Running MOT [Case Study]

    Here's how the team at Blizard Physiotherapy used the Don’t Run into Trouble Content Marketing campaign, included in the Co-Kinetic Marketing System, to generate £3,000 in sales, in just 6 hours of work. Discover step-by-step what they did, exactly how they did it, what they achieved and how they can double their sales next time. Just log in or enter your details below for full open access.