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  • Chronic Pain in Numbers [Infographic]

    Our latest social media infographic that we created for the Mastering Chronic Pain Social Media campaign. Click this link to view the infographic in full.

  • Mastering Chronic Pain: Powerpoint Presentation/Webinar for Clients

    A pre-written, off-the-shelf, ready-to-deliver Powerpoint presentation (fully-editable), designed to be delivered to patients and clients either online or face-to-face. We produce these education sessions as part of a 'conversion' event designed to move new prospects and email leads into paying clients. You can also use the Co-Kinetic system to charge viewers to watch your presentation or offer a purchasable upsell on the webinar delivery page that could also include a membership offering. Register a free account or login in for more details on how to set this up.

  • Efficacy of Manual Therapy for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain [Article]

    Chronic pain can be treated in a number of ways and each method has its proponents, making it difficult to know which method to choose. Turning to the literature to make evidence-based decisions reveals a bewildering array of studies reporting different levels of quality of evidence and outcomes. This article discusses the current evidence for the use of different treatment modalities for different chronic pain conditions allowing you to make evidence-based decisions when you are putting together a treatment package for your chronic pain patients. A table summarising the information is available to download, providing you with a handy, quick-reference guide. Additionally, this article will enable you to understand what is required for high-quality evidence, what is lacking in low-quality evidence and, therefore, how to assess for yourself the quality of evidence described in studies and reports in the literature. This article has been adapted from chapter 7 ‘Efficacy of manual therapy for chronic musculoskeletal pain’ from the author’s book Chronic Pain. A resource for effective manual therapy. Register below to read the key points for this article

  • Chronic pain in sport: What’s the story?

    This article discusses the science of pain in relation to the sports injury and how it can evolve into a persisting problem. No injury happens in isolation, and the early responses and management have an influence upon the journey – hence the need for effective pain control, diagnosis and a plan. Understanding that a persisting problem is underpinned by an ongoing protective and vigilant state allows for wise action in terms of treatment. The article is accompanied by a certificated elearning assessment.