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  • Why massage research is flawed

    Massage is used extensively in both sport and the wider occupational setting but a huge number of experimental studies reach the conclusion that it has little or no actual benefit. This is because virtually every study is methodologically flawed not for the usually stated reasons of a lack of randomisation or blinding but because of a lack of consensus about what massage actually is, a lack of understanding about what is being tested and on whom, and above all a complete disregard for the dose of application.

  • The continuing research for the use of kinesiotape: an update

    This article discusses recent studies on the effectiveness of kinesio tape used to treat medial tibial stress syndrome, osteoarthritis of the knee, calf pain and low back pain in order to assess the evidence base for this therapy. The use of kinesio tape (KT) continues to grow in popularity despite a lack of clear evidence of efficacy or mode of action. Previous reviews (1,2) have identified a total of 14 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) that focus on the application of KT in a musculoskeletal setting but the results have been far from conclusive. Some positive results have been demonstrated (predominantly in treating pain and disability) but no indisputable evidence has yet appeared. Poor study design and small participant groups have hampered the impact of existing studies. It is the aim of this update to identify any new trials published since my previous article to add to the growing body of research into KT.