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  • The Blueprint for Running a Successful Open Clinic Event: Part 4 Your Sales and Conversions Strategy [Article]

    This article is the fourth in our series on how to run your own Open Clinic event. Most people attend these events because they want to try something out for free. However, the point of running an Open Clinic is to gain new, paying clients. This article shows you how to do this using a variety of time-limited offers. Register below for open access to the full article.

  • Yoga and Biomechanics: A New View of Stretching Part 2 [Article]

    Last time, Part 1 of this article looked at the interplay between flexibility, stretching and yoga and what type of stretches to do depending on the desired outcome. Part 2 here further discusses some commonly used terms, such as tight/loose, strong/weak and short/long, and elaborates on the biomechanics of what happens to muscles when they are loaded under tension, as well as muscle length and eccentric contraction. This article has been extracted from chapter 2 of the author’s book Yoga and Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined. Register free below (or log in if you already have an account) and you can access the article key points and other related resources.

  • The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Physical Therapy: Jul-Sept 2019 [Infographic]

    Check out this quarter's most newsworthy and discussed pieces of research among your peers, on the topic of physical therapy. Register free below or sign in with an existing account, to access this beautifully designed interactive infographic including hyperlinks to each piece of research and Altmetric profile (no subscription required). It also makes a stunning, eye-catching piece of artwork for your clinic walls :)

  • The 11 Rs in Concussion Part 2: Treatment, Rehabilitation and Recovery [Article]

    Having read Part 1 of this article, you will already be able to identify if a player has suffered a sport-related concussion (SRC) and whether they need to be removed from play. Here, Part 2 will allow you to determine the best treatment and rehabilitation for any patient suffering an SRC, as well as how to help them return to sport while being alert to any ongoing effects or potential development of long-term consequences. Register free below (or log in if you already have an account) and you can access the article key points and other related resources.

  • Massage Therapy Journal Watch - October 2019 [Article]

    Catch up on this quarter's essential massage therapy research. Our Massage Therapy Journal Watch brings you all the most important journal discoveries with our own unique Co-Kinetic take-home messages. This is one of our most popular sections of content aimed at saving you time and money not having to trawl the research journals!

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