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  • Physical and Massage Therapy Journal Watch - January 2019 [Article]

    Catch up on this quarter's essential physical and massage therapy research. Journal Watch brings you all the most important journal discoveries with our own unique Co-Kinetic take-home messages. This is one of our most popular sections of content aimed at saving you time and money not having to trawl the research journals!

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  • Role of the Thorax in Treatment of Recurrent Hamstring Injury [Article]

    It is now understood that that poor thorax biomechanics can play a role in multiple conditions and at regions far removed from it. This article describes the Integrated Systems Model approach for holistic assessment and treatment of your patients and a case study demonstrates how it can be used to identify the previously unsuspected (and, therefore, untreated) involvement of the thorax in a recurrent hamstring injury. Understanding and applying this biopsychosocial approach will enable you to find all the drivers of your patient’s injury and treat them in a meaningful way, so allowing your patient to get back to doing what they love. This article has been extracted from the author’s book The Thorax – An Integrated Approach. Register free below (or log in if you already have an account) and you can access the article key points, the downloadable template of the Clinical Puzzle and other related resources.

  • The Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training for Rehabilitation [Article]

    There are many situations when patients experience loss of muscle mass and function, for example, after a sports injury, surgery, fracture or joint degeneration. Resistance training is known to be effective for strength training but is often not advised for these patients because of the increased injury risk. Low-load blood flow restriction training, however, has been found to cause beneficial responses in skeletal muscle while avoiding heavy loads. This article reviews blood flow restriction training, the theories about how it works and how to use it so that your patients can get stronger quicker. It is useful in a wide range of clinical applications including prehabilitation, rehabilitation after injury or postoperatively, as well as for athletes looking for those elusive marginal gains when the benefits from their current training programme seem to have plateaued. Register free below (or log in if you already have an account) and you can access the article key points and other related resources.

  • The Blueprint for Running a Successful Open Clinic Event: Part 1 Concept and Planning [Article]

    Most therapy businesses are constantly looking for new or innovative ways to promote their business, and running an Open Clinic event is an AMAZING way to do it. These kind of events can come in all sorts of shapes and size; it could be just you, opening the doors to your home practice, inviting clients to a free talk, all the way up to collaborating with other practitioners in your area, making it a real Health & Wellness event, reaching as many new clients as possible. Typically it allows potential clients to visit your premises, try out some taster sessions, meet the practitioners and access some exclusive offers. In this series of articles, I’ll talk you through the 6 Step Blueprint for creating a successful Open Clinic event. Register below for open access to the full article.

  • The Overwhelming Case for "Try Before You Buy" Conversion Events [Article]

    One of the best ways of bringing in new paying customers, is to offer ‘try before you buy’ or ‘conversion’ events. These could involve anything from a free consultation, assessment, open day, treatment or education event. Your imagination is your only limit. There are SO many advantages to these ‘open’ events, it’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t embrace them, but some people are vehemently opposed to them because they feel it devalues their expertise. In this article, I’m review some of the biggest advantages and leave it to you to decide whether they can work for you. This article is fully OPEN ACCESS.