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Andy  Byrne
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Andy Byrne

Andy Byrne MCSP HCPC has over 10 years’ experience in private practice, the last 4 of which were spent as area manager for one of the largest physiotherapy providers in the UK. He managed 15 clinics simultaneously with over 100 staff. He launched Triad Health in September 2017 to help therapists from around the world to learn and help them get great results for their patients and themselves. He has mentored hundreds of therapists particularly in the nonclinical skills that create exceptional patient experiences and allow for rapid, sustainable and ethical business growth within therapy businesses.

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    Finding new customers is key to any business but properly retaining existing customers is arguably even more important otherwise all the marketing money spent on finding new customers is wasted. But what if we focused on really delivering the service our patients actually expected from us, which is frequently something we underdeliver on in the belief we’re doing the patient a favour? We could not only boost our retention and get better outcomes for our clients but we would also build an army of fans who will go out and spread the word locally. This article explains how to make this happen, and it turns out it’s much simpler than you’d expect, it just requires us to ask the right questions, at the right time. Register below to access the full text of this article free of charge.