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John Sharkey
  • Physical therapist/physiotherapist
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John Sharkey

John Sharkey BSc MSc, BACA BASES is a recognised author and authority on the topic of myofascial trigger points and the treatment of chronic pain. John holds master's degrees in clinical anatomy (BACA), exercise physiology (BASES) and is the programme leader of the masters degree in Neuromuscular Therapy accredited by the University of Chester.

John is a member of the Olympic Councils Medical and Science Team and runs a successful chronic pain clinic. An International presenter and keynote speaker John has proven to be a popular figure at conferences, workshops and masterclasses worldwide. He is a member of the editorial team Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (JBMT) and the BioTensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G) under the guidance of his mentor Dr Stephen Levin.

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