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Kath Thomas

Kathryn Thomas (BSc Physio, MPhil Sports Physiotherapy) is a physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy from the Institute of Sports Science and University of Cape Town, South Africa. She graduated both her honours and Masters degrees Cum Laude, and with Deans awards. After graduating in 2000 Kathryn worked in sports practices focusing on musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. She was contracted to work with the Dolphins Cricket team (county/provincial team) and The Sharks rugby teams (Super rugby). Kathryn has also worked and supervised physios at the annual Comrades Marathon and Amashova cycle races for many years. She has worked with elite athletes from different sporting disciplines such as hockey, athletics, swimming and tennis. She was a competitive athlete holding national and provincial colours for swimming, biathlon, athletics, and surf lifesaving, and has a passion for sports and exercise physiology. She has presented research at the annual American College of Sports Medicine congress in Baltimore, and at The South African Sports Medicine Association in 2000 and 2011. She is Co-Kinetic’s technical editor and has taken on responsibility for writing our new clinical review updates for practitioners.

Recent content

  • Does Massage Therapy Have a Place in the Management of Arthritis [Article]

    'If it hurts, rub it better' is a course of action that has felt natural for probably as long as humans have existed. However, in these days of evidence-based therapy, we have to have clinical proof that a treatment works. If you are a regular reader of Co-Kinetic's Journal Watch, you will know how difficult it is to find a good-quality study of massage, and massage seems to have fallen off the list of therapies for arthritis largely because of this. But we all know that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Reading this article, combined with knowing your arthritis patients, will help you to decide whether massage can be part of a treatment plan for those individuals. Login or register a free account below to access the contents, key points and discussion questions that accompany the article.

  • Physical Therapy Intervention for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis [Article]

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a relatively common, systemic, autoimmune disease affecting approximately 1% of adults. Symptoms typically occur in joints in the limbs, but RA can also affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Although medication for RA has advanced, education and physical therapy remain crucial in good management of the disease. This article summarises how to assess and categorise patients with RA, which then allows the therapist to provide an appropriate and individually tailored exercise and activity plan for maximum benefit to their patients. Login or register a free account below to access the contents, key points and discussion questions that accompany the article.

  • Live Longer And Stronger: A Content Marketing Campaign for Physical Therapists [Premium/Full Site Subscription]

    This is a physical activity promotion marketing strategy that helps you grow your email list using pre-prepared lead-generating social media; nurture and build trust with these new prospects using pre-written nurture emails; and then convert these prospects into paying clients using a variety of strategies which we provide supporting content for including pre-written blog posts, off-the-shelf PowerPoint presentations, print-ready posters, and much more. We even build and host your lead-collection pages for you and deliver the lead magnets your prospects have signed up to receive. It's an all-in-one strategy.

  • Live Longer And Stronger Social Success Campaign

    This content package includes a range of helpful marketing resources including a pre-written blog post, nurture email, social media, an email lead collection page and a series of patient resources which double up as lead magnets offering advice on strategies for living a longer and healthier life. Using our inbuilt social media scheduling tool you can easily post engaging and informative content to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to keep your followers up-to-date with the latest strategies for harnessing the power of physical activity for health and wellbeing.

    You have the choice of linking to either a specific shareable resource, the email lead collection page, or the success page which hosts all the leaflets in the series. With this campaign you can grow your email list, build your authority and reputation and deliver high value content to your social media followers.

  • Benefits of Massage Client Information Resources

    Rebrandable client resources explaining the powerful health benefits of massage. It includes two leaflets covering an overview of the benefits of massage along with four more specific leaflets covering: Benefits of massage for sleep; Massage for musculoskeletal pain; Massage and stress relief; and Sports Massage. We also have a range of posters you can print out for your clinic - log in or register a free account below for more details and a link to that content.

    These leaflets are included in all our monthly subscriptions or they can be purchased individually using the purchase button below.

  • Booze Busters in Numbers [Infographic]

    The latest infographic that we created for Festive Follies Christmas Lead Collection Marketing Campaign for Therapists. Check the infographic out in full here - OPEN ACCESS.

  • Low Back Pain: Moving Back To Basics [Article]

    Low back pain (LBP) affects many people and can be hard to treat. If LBP becomes chronic, psychological factors, such as fear-avoidance beliefs and catastrophising, can also become involved. There is an almost overwhelming amount of research about LBP and how best to treat it. This article discusses the evidence for and against different approaches and will allow you to make individually-tailored decisions for the best treatment for each of your LBP patients. Login or register a free account below to access the contents, key points and discussion questions that accompany the article.

  • How and Where to use Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy [Article]

    There is a growing evidence base demonstrating that extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is beneficial for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, reducing pain and promoting tissue healing in the short term. It is a non-invasive therapy and is of particular interest as it may well allow your client to continue with the training/competing demands of the season. This article provides the most up-to-date information about the indications and contraindications for ESWT, the evidence base for its use and what protocols have been used. This information will allow you to determine if ESWT will benefit your client and how to begin to use it for their condition. Login or register a free account below to access the contents, key points and discussion questions that accompany the article.

  • Mastering Chronic Pain: A Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists [Clinic Growth Subscription]

    September is International Pain Awareness Month which makes it the perfect time to use our all-in-one content marketing campaign designed to help you to nurture relationships with, and capture the attention of, people suffering from chronic pain. The social media, in conjunction with pre-built lead collection pages, are designed to help you collect new email leads of people with chronic pain issues. The client leaflets and pre-written email are designed to help you nurture and build trust with these new leads, as well as existing clients and prospects. The blog post is designed to help you optimise your website and be found by people searching for chronic pain-related content (boost your SEO). The PowerPoint presentation, posters and promotional material are designed to help you promote an 'open clinic event' aimed at converting these prospects into paying clients. It's an all-in-one marketing AND sales strategy. We provide the content and the technology to allow you to implement the full monthly campaign in less than 20 minutes. Click here to learn more.

    Login, or register a free account below, to download a handful of the social media images and patient leaflets (no subscription required). You can also watch a video talking you through the campaign in more detail.

  • Chronic Pain Patient Information Resources

    September is International Pain Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to share these 9 rebrandable client information resources exploring ways of managing chronic pain on your social networks, in local discussion forums and through your email newsletter. It includes a client newsletter, advice leaflets and infographics on: Understanding Chronic Pain; Skills to Cope with Chronic Pain; How Physical Therapy Can Help You if You Suffer from Chronic Pain; How Pain Affects Your Life (infographic); Relaxation for Chronic Pain (exercise handout); Building Activity into Your Everyday Life If You Suffer from Musculoskeletal Pain; Daily Activity Template and three brandable posters of the Pain Scale, Biopsychosocial Pain Model and the Cycle of Chronic Pain that you can print out for your clinic wall, or use in client consultations. For more information about branding this content click here. You can download some free social media and a couple of patient leaflets by logging in or registering a free account below (no subscription required).

    These leaflets are included in all our monthly subscriptions or they can be purchased individually using the purchase button below.