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Tor Davies

Tor began her professional life training as a physiotherapist at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK. She went on to complete a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham whilst also achieving a WTA international tennis ranking.

After graduation she worked for a London marketing agency and then moved into medical journalism where her passion for publishing was born.

At 27 she established sportEX medicine, a quarterly journal for general practitioners focusing on sport and exercise medicine.

sportEX grew into an internationally known journal for all sports medicine practitioners, including physical and manual therapists; articles covered the practical application of evidenced-based research alongside professional development with expert contributors drawn from across the world of medicine and rehabilitation.

With a passion for technology as well as publishing and sport, Tor's leadership grew sportEX into the Co-Kinetic journal and website which included a more collaborative, royalty-based form of publishing as well as a wider content remit. As well as the quarterly magazine Co-Kinetic, offerings now include e-learning opportunities, breaking clinical research infographics, marketing kits for therapists, business growth tools, and a business discount club.

Tor's focus is providing resources to help practitioners and therapists develop their businesses and to work more efficiently and effectively, a topic that she speaks regularly on at global conferences.

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Recent content

  • I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas Social Media Campaign

    A festive social media campaign (along with an accompanying poster for your clinic walls) featuring 25 festive posts, that will encourage and inform your customers on ways they can have a Green Christmas! This campaign is fully accessible to those with both Social Media and Full Site subscriptions. You'll can post our Christmas content to your social networks, download or print out a super cool poster, and even order the poster to be professionally printed through Canva (in sizes as big as A1)! What are you waiting for? Let's go and spread some eco-friendly festive cheer!

  • Festive Follies: A Social Media and Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists

    This is a Christmas-themed all-in-one marketing strategy that helps you grow your email list using pre-prepared lead-generating social media; nurture and build trust with these new prospects using pre-written nurture emails; and then convert them into paying clients using a variety of strategies which we provide supporting content for including pre-written blog posts, off-the-shelf PowerPoint presentations, print-ready posters, and loads more resources to help you convert your email prospects into paying customers. We even build and host your lead-collection pages and deliver the lead magnets your prospects have signed up to receive.

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  • Christmas Gift Voucher Campaign (Marshmallow Theme)

    A Christmas Gift Voucher campaign allowing you to run a targeted gift voucher promotion in the run up to Christmas. Edit the voucher sign-up page to detail your voucher offer, print out the promotional poster we've provided (optional) to help you promote your event, and then set up to the social media (also provided) to post to your social networks using our inbuilt social media scheduler and you'll be up and running in just a couple of hours. Voucher payment processing by Stripe (if you don't already have a Stripe account, you can set one up for free).

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  • Halloween Fun: Social Media Posts

    The campaign consists of 7 physical-therapy themed social media images if you want to have some fun during Halloween - with the added benefit of encouraging your social media followers to sign up to your email newsletter (don't worry we take care of the whole process).

  • Booze Busters in Numbers [Infographic]

    The latest infographic that we created for Festive Follies Christmas Lead Collection Marketing Campaign for Therapists. Check the infographic out in full here - OPEN ACCESS.

  • The Business of Audiences in Physical Therapy [Article]

    In this article we look at some of the key factors that impact your marketing success, including the importance of building an audience and the value of investing in developing trust and engagement with that audience. We discuss strategies for turning a cold audience into a warm one, how to boost your open and click rates on your nurture emails, making sure you’re doing the right marketing activities at the right time, and the benefits of focusing on a niche to help you optimise the financial return on your patient-facing time and build a more stable and sustainable business. Register (or sign in) below to read this article without needing a subscription.

  • Recession-Tackling Tools and Strategies [Article]

    The fact that we are talking about how to survive recession for the second time in two years is a timely reminder that we must not take our clients or our businesses for granted. This article describes the key aspects of your business to think about and some simple marketing plans to put in place that will help you to win customers and survive this current storm in the best financial shape possible. Register (or sign in) below to read this article without needing a subscription.

  • Mastering Chronic Pain: A Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists [Clinic Growth Subscription]

    September is International Pain Awareness Month which makes it the perfect time to use our all-in-one content marketing campaign designed to help you to nurture relationships with, and capture the attention of, people suffering from chronic pain. The social media, in conjunction with pre-built lead collection pages, are designed to help you collect new email leads of people with chronic pain issues. The client leaflets and pre-written email are designed to help you nurture and build trust with these new leads, as well as existing clients and prospects. The blog post is designed to help you optimise your website and be found by people searching for chronic pain-related content (boost your SEO). The PowerPoint presentation, posters and promotional material are designed to help you promote an 'open clinic event' aimed at converting these prospects into paying clients. It's an all-in-one marketing AND sales strategy. We provide the content and the technology to allow you to implement the full monthly campaign in less than 20 minutes. Click here to learn more.

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  • Chronic Pain Posters

    September is International Pain Awareness Month which creates the ideal opportunity to add some relevant, eye-catching artwork to your clinic walls or treatment areas. You can also add your branding and contact details to all the posters. Updated to include Canva templates.

    Included in this set are:

    • The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain
    • The Cycle of Chronic Pain
    • The Pain Scale
    • How Pain Affects Your Life (infographic)
  • Co-Kinetic Updates for Summer 2022

    This article is open access - just click the title to see what we've published this year so far...