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Joanne Avison
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Joanne Avison

Joanne Avison KMI, E-RYT500 is a CMED graduate, and has extensively studied human development and specialised in soft tissue and the links between archetypal behaviour and physiological patterns. Her studies also included Human Dissection and movement research in Fascial Fitness with Dr Robert Schleip.

Joanne is a fully accredited Professional Structural Integrator (Kinesis Myofascial Integration School) and has taught at the KMI School of Structural Integration (Maine, USA) and also taught Anatomy Trains™ in the UK, pioneering its application to Movement Practitioners in Yoga, Pilates and professional sports, including English Premier League Soccer Clubs and golf professionals. Jo is an experience trainer of yoga teachers, holding E-RYT500 status and is the co-founder and director of the accredited Art of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training School (AOCY).

Joanne’s book YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement, published in 2015, has been highly regarded in a variety of bodywork fields for its clear explanations of how understanding Fascia and the concept of Biotensegrity, can be applied to help us (and our clients) move better; whatever type of discipline we teach.

Joanne currently teaches regular workshops and webinars around the world: See and for eHealth Learning programmes.

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