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Sheena Mountford
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Sheena Mountford

Marketing and customer happiness director at Co-Kinetic/sportEX.

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  • Become a Co-Kinetic affiliate

    More info about how you can earn commission on any subscriptions generated by promoting free resources from Co-Kinetic like education-based webinars, free articles and patient leaflets.

  • Patient information leaflets now available on Co-Kinetic

    With over 13 million of our patient information leaflets already distributed, we thought it was time to make this vital resource available through the Co-Kinetic site.

    All our patient information leaflets are now available to print or download either in A4 or A5 format. There are 60 leaflets in total (with new ones being added each month) covering physical activity and medical conditions, injury rehabilitation and sports first aid.

    You'll also be pleased to know that our patient information leaflets are continually updated and peer reviewed, so you can be confident in the product and it's contents.

  • Social Media Watch - July 2016

    In line with our goal of saving you both time and money, here’s our pick of some of the best resources on social media published over the last couple of months.

  • Our most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    All of your Co-Kinetic questions answered. Includes an overview of Co-Kinetic content and readership, subscription options and how it works, forever discounts, cancelling or changing subscriptions and our mobile app.

  • Optimising Your Physical Therapy Website to Generate New Leads and Get New Clients

    People can visit your website as many times as they like but unless you can get them to ask for something, they're likely to be gone as fast as they arrived, leaving you empty-handed. You need to empower your website to generate new leads by being able to start the conversation. This conversation might be the chance for your visitor to ask a question, to request information, to sign up for a newsletter or a special offer or download a useful resource. Different things will work for different people so you need to measure what does and doesn't work. Once you've generated the leads, then you have the opportunity to convert them into clients but if you're not generating leads, you can't even get to first base.

    This article will answer the following questions

    • What can Google Analytics tell me that I will find useful?
    • How can I tell if Google Analytics is already installed on my site?
    • How do I install Google Analytics on my site?
    • How do I set up goals from my Call to Action buttons?
    • How can I provide document downloads or collect contact details on my site?
    • What goals might I set up?
    • How do I create an animated gif of customer quotes or logos of companies I work with?

    This is a premium article accessible to full site subscribers. It can also be purchased individually using the buy button below or through a subscription to the Entrepreneur Therapist section of the website.

  • Co-Kinetic Features and Benefits [Article]

    This short article summarises what kind of content you will find on the Co-Kinetic site and how to get the most out of our resources.

  • Refer a colleague

    Give your colleague a "forever" discount on their new subscription and stand a chance of winning some fantastic prizes from Co-Kinetic and our partners.

  • Affiliate 101: frequently asked questions

    Learn more about our Co-Kinetic affiliate programme.

  • Patient Information Leaflet: Radial Shockwave Therapy [Printable leaflet]

    This patient information leaflet includes an overview of the radial shockwave therapy, how it works, it's benefits, differences between radial shockwave therapy and extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and is radial shockwave therapy right for me.

    The A4 full colour leaflet in PDF format is designed to be printed out and handed to your clients and can also be used on your website as part of a "call to action" document download (for more information read our article "Physical therapy website design: 10 homepage essentials for getting new clients"). You can purchase the leaflet individually, as part of the patient information section or as part of a full site subscription.

    Our Co-Kinetic patient advice leaflets are written and reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of medical and fitness professionals. Every leaflet is peer-reviewed at the very minimum by a professional in each of the following disciplines: physical therapy, manual therapy and exercise/fitness. Where appropriate we may also ask a recognised national charity to review and approve the content.

  • Social Media Watch - April 2016

    In line with our goal of saving you both time and money, here’s our pick of some of the best resources on social media published over the last couple of months. We’ve highlighted resources that are promoting useful, practical resources across a range of physical and manual therapy topics.