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Library subscriptions to the Co-Kinetic Journal and Website (Clinical Education Subscription)

Last Updated: 09/11/2022

Purchase a subscription to Co-Kinetic Journal and Website (Clinical Education Subscription)

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We can raise an invoice if you're unable to pay by credit card. If so please start a message using the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner to give us a purchase order number, and we'll raise the invoice or send us a purchase order to [email protected].

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IMPORTANT NOTE: please ignore any prompts to upgrade to the Discounted Branding Upgrade - this is for personal subscribers only

What is a library subscription to the Co-Kinetic Journal?

It includes access to three main sections of the website:


  • Two print copies of the quarterly printed Co-Kinetic journal which is published in January, April, July and October. We're happy to provide additional copies at £28 per year, for an extra copy every quarter. If you'd like to add additional copies to your order, let us know by starting a chat using the chat icon on this page and we'll amend the pro-forma invoice accordingly.

Student Access to the Content

  • Access to the Co-Kinetic site is provided through via IP range so if you are a new subscriber, please provide these details with your order (you can update them any time by emailing us through the chat icon)
  • The IP access has the added advantage of then allowing students to login to the Co-Kinetic website from any device they are using (mobile and desktop) and from any off-site location, as long as they log in once every 90 days from a site within the IP range (this refreshes/updates their subscription permissions)
  • Additional advantages include students now being able to use the elearning quizzes, get personalised quiz certificates and have a much better overall user experience on the site, as well as more convenient access
  • The Co-Kinetic website is fully mobile responsive and full article content can be viewed from any device regardless of the operating system ie. on mobile devices, tablets, laptop/desktop computers.
  • In addition to featuring articles, the Co-Kinetic website now also features a whole range of multimedia content as well as a brand new Student section.
  • Every 90 days the cookie will need refreshing, this allows us to limit the ability of students who have left, from getting continued access to the content under your subscription.
  • There is no student number limit, everything is included in the one subscription cost.
  • When the student accesses the site for the first time, from within the IP range (they must be within your IP range to pick up your content permissions), they will be asked to create their own account or login with an existing account (this means if they already have a login with content permissions, they can access everything together). The content permissions you've purchased then get added to their account for 90 days. After this period expires they will need to log in once again from within your IP range to refresh the permissions.

How much does a subscription cost?

  • The subscription price is a single annual subscription of £500 (GBP)


Change over from sportEX to Co-Kinetic

  • In October 2015 we merged the two sportEX journals (sportEX medicine and sportEX dynamics) into one larger print journal which is now known as Co-Kinetic journal (ISSN 2397-138X).
  • We also launched the new website which has replaced the old sportEX website

What's next?

  1. If you would like to pay by credit card please click the purchase button below


IMPORTANT NOTE: please ignore any prompts to upgrade to the Discounted Branding Upgrade - this is for personal subscribers only


  • Send us an email ([email protected]) with a purchase order and payment details. We'd prefer to receive payments by BACs (​Account name: Centor Publishing Ltd; Account number: 80759694; Sort code: 20-96-89) but if necessary we can also UK Sterling (GBP) cheques made out to Centor Publishing Ltd - and we will email you to confirm when the subscription is set up. We will activate the subscription as soon as we've received either the payment or an official purchase order.

To send orders by email

Please email your order and payment details to [email protected]

To send orders by post

88 Nelson Road, London, SW19 1HX, United Kingdom


Just click the chat bubble/question mark icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page and ask your question or email [email protected] and we'll get back to you immediately.