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Legacy Subscriber Upgrade

Last Updated: 13/10/2017

The Co-Kinetic Business Growth Platform Upgrade for Legacy Subscribers

I published the first sportEX journal in 1999, and I still have customers paying me as little as £26 a year for a full site subscription which is now priced at over £600!


Because if you signed up to everything we published in 1999, and you remained a customer all that time, I felt it was only right that you should continue to receive everything we publish today with no price increases.

Those of you who supported me at the most critical time of my business life deserve in turn my loyalty and that has always been my business philosophy.

So first things first, thank you for being one of my legacy subscribers!

(This doesn't by the way mean that you've necessarily been with me since 1999, but based on the price you're paying for your current subscription you've certainly been with me for quite a few years.)

So what's the change?

The development of this new business growth and marketing platform, which will run all your social media for you (automatically) and collect new client email leads on your behalf, is a brand new direction for Co-Kinetic.

No longer are we just a content provider but with the launch of this platform, we have now become a software or technology service provider, which is a whole new ball game!

Through this new platform you can now easily post the content we create, straight to your social networks. This content leads back to a custom 'lead collection page' which is specifically connected to you and your Co-Kinetic account. When people choose to download the resources that we've created on your behalf, which the social media directs them to, we collect those leads for you.

This means there are new costs in providing support for this platform, in helping you to use the platform and in developing it to service you even better in the future which means we have to charge a subscription for it.

In order to take advantage of the exciting potential of this new business growth and marketing platform, I do need to ask you to subscribe to that specific element of the site. Nothing will change as far as your content access is concerned.

It goes without saying that I'd like you to try it for free for 14 days first

Once you've seen just how quickly and simply (even for the biggest technophobes) you can keep your social networks updated with highly engaging, viral content. And how you can use the platform to collect leads on your behalf which can then be nurtured into action, I'm pretty sure think you'll be hooked.

What can this new platform can do for you?

  • It will keep your social networks updated with lots of regular highly engaging, highly varied viral, social media content
  • It'll help you grow your followers and page likes on your social networks
  • The fantastic social media content that we give you, will help you increase engagement on your social networks which means Facebook will show your posts to more people, more often
  • It help you build your email list by collecting new email leads of people interested in each month's content
  • And lastly it will help you nurture and keep in touch with your prospective, existing and past clients through a monthly content-based email

And the best thing...? It's all completely AUTOMATIC!


How do we do all that?

  • We create awesome, highly engaging, highly varied, viral social media content for you - on a new topic each month
  • Our super-simple 'technophobe-friendly' platform posts this content at whatever regularity you set, to your social networks - it does it all for you
  • Every piece of content leads your viewers back to a page where they can download an even more desirable piece of content, on the same topic, in exchange for giving you their email address
  • We collect those new email 'leads' for you and store them under the campaign in your Co-Kinetic account
  • If you have a Mailchimp account (it's free for up to 2,000 contacts), we even create the email you can send them to follow up on their download, and we give you simple instructions on how to do this
  • Literally everything is automatic, once you've activated the campaign.

So however technophobic you are - I urge you to give it a go! I've even taught my 78 year old mum how to use it, so if she can use it, literally anyone can!


What happens if I don't like it?

Simple, just cancel your Business Growth subscription under the Subscriptions area of your Account (just click this link to take you there) before the 14 day trial ends and the Business Growth subscription will end immediately and your original subscription will continue uninterrupted as per usual.

How does this affect my existing subscription?

It doesn't. We simply add a new subscription to give you access to the Marketing Campaigns area of the website. Your content subscription continues as normal. If you decide to take a break, or stop the marketing campaigns subscription, it's completely separate to your content subscription.