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Last Updated: 14/06/2017

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The Full Site Subscription WITH Print Journal Includes:

  • Access to EVERYTHING on the site
  • Including our new Business Growth Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists
  • The printed journal featuring the best articles published on the Co-Kinetic site that quarter (posted to you in Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
  • Access to all past and current journals on our mobile app (same login as for this site)
  • The full archives of both sportEX journals going back to 1999
  • Access to supplementary manuals, handbooks and leaflets
  • Once your price is fixed, it will never increase (as long as your subscription doesn't lapse)

Purchase Options

Purchase Full Site Subscription (including print journal) - £55 per month

Purchase Full Site Subscription (no print journal) - £55 per month

Why is the price the same for both full site subscriptions with and without the print journal?

As there is a print component to the full site sub with print journal, we don't have to charge the full 20% VAT that we do with the online-only offering (print publications are not liable for VAT) so this slight VAT relief, the subsidy we also offer to encourage print subscriptions, means we can offer the print journal at no extra cost within the full site subscription.

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What is the Co-Kinetic website and journal?

Co-Kinetic is an online content resource for physical and massage therapists accompanied by a quarterly print journal. All the content focuses on saving you time and covers clinical and business growth topics. It is ideal for physical and massage therapists working alone or as part of a team. It features articles, videos, podcasts and conference presentations on a wide variety of topics relevant to physical and manual therapists across the world. All the content focuses on turning research into practical application and is aimed at saving practitioners time and money. It has been developed by the publishers of the translational sports medicine and manual therapy journal, sportEX, which was launched in 1999.

To see the range of topic areas we publish articles on click this link.

We also publish content from other partners like CPD providers, conference organisers and individuals who have content which matches our criteria (see the Other Content section). This criteria is that it must be evidence-based wherever possible and focus on the practical application of the topic being covered. We have an unofficial motto of "read it now, use it in an hour".