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Last Updated: 04/11/2017

What we look for

We are always looking for good, practically applicable, helpful resources that support our audience of physical and manual therapists.

The two most important factors are: 1. exceptional reputable quality 2. that's has a strong focus on practical application

Topic areas and content types

While traditionally we've published article-based clinically orientated articles, the whole point of the new site is to broaden our horizons and cover all types of content that is relevant to our readership of physical and manual therapists so this could include advice on aspects of starting, building and running a business, and every different format of content from video presentations to podcasts, Powerpoint presentations...etc.

How does payment work?

There's some info on how payment works at the following link but if you have existing material that you already sell through other channels, if the content meets our criteria, we would be happy to discuss other forms of collaboration.

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Please use the chat tool in the bottom right hand corner to send a message outlining your proposed content and your credentials/main qualifications and we'll get in contact with you.

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