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Content - what you can buy and how it works

Last Updated: 26/10/2016


Our content is arranged into 3 main levels to give you the flexibility to buy exactly what you want, down to purchasing just a single article.

1. Full site subscription includes:

  • Access to EVERYTHING on the site
  • Access to the journals on our mobile app (same login as for this site)
  • The quarterly printed journal (posted to you in Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
  • The full archives of both sportEX journals going back to 1999
  • Access to supplementary manuals, handbooks and leaflets
  • Once your price is fixed, it will never increase (as long as your subscription doesn't lapse)

Purchase Full Site Subscription (including print journal) - £14.98 per month

Purchase Full Site Subscription (no print journal) - £13.20 per month

2. Categories and channels (sub-categories)

These are more targeted units of content under a specific topic. The price is always quoted as a monthly price (although it may be billed less frequently if the amount is small) and is based on the number of new articles we plan to publish under that category on a rolling 12 month cycle. A subscription includes all articles previously published under that category.

Just click the button below to see the various categories and click the Purchase Info link for details on pricing.

You will be given the option to upgrade to include the print journal free of charge, or at a significantly reduced price, based on the value of your purchases at checkout.

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3. Individual articles

Just want one or two individual articles? No problem. Simply navigate to the article you want to buy and click the "Purchase" button underneath it (make sure you're registered or logged in before you attempt to buy it, just in case it's already included under a subscription you might hold).

A few FAQs

  • An article generally only belongs under one category/channel (with the exception of Student articles which will appear under the main content area as well as the Student content section)
  • If you used to subscribe to sportEX medicine journal, we have renamed it Physical Therapy on this site
  • If you used to subscribe to sportEX dynamics journal, we have renamed it Manual Therapy on this site
  • In October 2015 we merged our two print journals (sportEX medicine and sportEX dynamics) into one larger journal now branded Co-Kinetic Journal (more info under the Help section)