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Promoting your Business Through Co-Kinetic

Last Updated: 19/04/2017


We offer a wide range of ways to promote your business through Co-Kinetic. These include traditional routes such as print advertising, web banner advertising, solus (bespoke) email marketing and partner directory options as well as more innovative approaches around developing content marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Campaign Development

We would welcome the opportunity to work with businesses that wish to develop a genuine, high quality, high value content for use as promotional material. We can get involved with developing content briefs, commissioning the editorial and then preparing the content for publication.

We can also produce a range of artwork and social media content for promotional use by anyone you deem relevant. As long as the content fulfills our criteria for quality and practicality we will work with you to publish and promote the content through the Co-Kinetic journal and website.

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Web Banner Adverts

You can advertise at any point on the site. This could be right at the top of the site from the home page downwards or within a specific given category of content such as Physical Therapy or Massage Therapy, or even down to a specific article (which is particularly useful for authors of articles who have books they wish to promote or courses that they are running). It also works well if an article mentions a product that you sell.

There are 6 Web Banner Ad opportunities:

  1. Menu Bar Landscape banner - the banner in the top menu bar - 728px x 90px (width by height)
  2. Side Bar Portrait banner - side bar section - 250px x 360px (width by height)
  3. Body Page Landscape banner - main page section - 930px x 180px (width by height)
  4. Body Page Square banner - main page section - 250px x 250px (width by height)
  5. Text ad - side bar section - 35 characters and 150 characters main body text (inc. spaces) plus a URL link
  6. Sponsorship of the article panel - in the top right hand corner of all pages you will see the article panel - the first tab in this panel can be sponsored (contact [email protected] for more info). It is currently priced at £25+vat per week.

How the web banner costs are calculated

Ads are calculated based on a relatively simple equation. We have set a base daily price of £6.50 which we then multiply by several factors:

  • the % of the site on which the ad can appear (so if it's booked on the home page it can appear on 100% of the site pages)
  • the ad visibility ratio which is basically the visibility of the ad on the page
  • the number of days the ad is booked for

Ad visibility ratios are rated as follows with 1 being the highest visibility:

  • Menu bar landscape ad - 1
  • Side bar portrait ad - 0.75
  • Body page landscape ad - 0.5
  • Body page square ad - 0.5

Measuring the effectiveness of your ads

You can log into your Account area and see statistics for your ads at any time. Currently it will show you views and clicks and we will be developing this further over time to allow you to filter over time periods and compare ads against each other. If you have feedback about what else you would like to see please contact us and we'll add it to our development list.

Bespoke (solus) Email Campaigns

You provide us with ready-to-go html for an email campaign which we then send on your behalf to an agreed number of recipients. We currently have over 24,000 people registered with us, with about 50% of those being active users of the site.

We use Mailchimp as our email service provider so our ideal option would be to receive a pre-prepared Mailchimp template (information about how to do this can be found here), in which case we will generally waive the email set up cost. If we need to spend time tweaking the html of the email to ensure it looks as it should, and meets your approval, this is covered by the set up cost.

If needed, we can commission a designer to create your email if you provide us with the necessary content. We would quote for this separately.

Co-Kinetic Partner Directory

The Partner Directory is a dynamic business listing where you can add text about your company, include a widget of your Twitter feed, offer special promotions to our readers based on their purchasing status (ie. registered (free account) or full site subscription (paid account)), and add interactive links to your social networks, with clickable company contact details and dynamic map links.

Depending on the level of your membership (bronze, silver or gold) we will also actively promote your offers through our regular email newsletters.

More details can be found at this link.

Advertising in Co-Kinetic Journal

Full details about artwork specifications, reader demographics and other useful info can be found here but to summarise we offer all the usual options from full page cover ads through to quarter page ads and loose inserts.

Promotional Packages

If you would like to discuss bundling several promotional opportunities together as part of a package then we’d be happy to chat. Just drop us a message using the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of our website.

The table below shows our usual costs for each item along with the discount scale based on the number of items booked. We do feel it’s important to be transparent and fair, so we make show all our pricing and discounts upfront however if you have a certain budget in mind we can certainly discuss ways of optimising a package so we don’t compromise our transparency and you stay on budget!


Get in Touch

If you’d like to explore any of opportunities we’ve outlined above. Either email [email protected] or use the chat icon on our website to send us a message.