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  • Patellar Tendon Pain: A Massage Therapist’s Game Plan [Article]

    This article and associated supporting material outlines a massage therapy treatment strategy for patellar tendonosis. The author outlines a restricted reciprocal inhibition condition which is commonly found in people with patellar tendon pain, which leads to altered movement patterns at the lumbopelvic and hip level. He goes on to describe in detail a unique technique he has developed to identify the key soft tissue restrictions in the hip along with a soft-tissue based treatment to unlock the key restrictions resulting from this altered movement pattern. The article is supported by videos and a patient information leaflet.

  • Massage Monday: The Best of.... [Video]

    Each week Susan Findlay, the director of the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM) releases weekly videos giving advice and practical tips on massage therapy. We've compiled a few of the best here. They're open access with a free registered account.

  • Content Marketing Kit Implementation [How to Guide]

    This article is a step by step 'How to Guide' on how to use the various elements of a Co-Kinetic Content Marketing Kit. It covers the following steps:

    • Creating your article/blog using the supplied text and image banners
    • Creating your email using the supplied email template, text and image banners
    • Choosing your audience to send your email out to, and creating your email list
    • Using the supplied tweets and images on your social networks to build your social media following and get the attention of new customers
    • Using the printed material to run poster campaigns, leaflet drops and postcard mailouts.

    More info about our Marketing Kits for Therapists can be found here.

  • Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists - Video Walk Through [Video]

    An 3 min overview of our Business Growth Marketing Kits for Therapists along with an 11 minute overview explaining how to download files and use the campaign kits. Our Business Growth Marketing Kits for Therapists are specifically designed to help you grow your therapy business, bring in new clients and develop stronger relationships with existing clients.

  • Reward Programmes for Therapists: From Planning to Implementation [Article]

    Reward programmes, such as loyalty schemes and referral programmes, are one of the easiest ways to grow your therapy business with relatively little cost. Both involve rewarding customers for buying services. This article contains all the information you need to decide which type of reward programme you should run, explains which customers to target, offers advice on how to set up your reward programme, what to measure to track success, what incentives you could offer as part of the scheme and a step-by-step guide on how to implement the programme. All the resources required to implement any of the campaigns mentioned in this article are also available here.

    Our Ready-Made Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists includes:

    • Print-ready Posters, Leaflets and Postcards you can use to publicise your scheme locally
    • Social Media Promotional Material to publicise your scheme across the 6 main social networks
    • Template Text for letters and emails explaining how your reward programme works
    • Customer Feedback NPS Scorecard
    • Printable Discount Vouchers in a variety of values and currencies
    • Customisable Gift Certificates and First Visit Gift Certificate
    • Voucher Record Form for recording details of vouchers you’ve sent out
    • How to Leave a Google Review handout.
  • Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists from Co-Kinetic: An Overview [Article]

    Our Ready-Made Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists include literally everything you need to run a marketing campaign both physically and online on both your website and through social media. There are two different types of kit both aimed at increasing appointment bookings. For more information visit this link.

    • Content Campaigns: Clinical topics that are topical or newsworthy which can be used to build trust with both existing and new customers through your website, social networks and in your place of work and are designed to prompt bookings of appointments for that condition. View Content Kits Here.
    • Marketing Campaigns: such as 'Refer a Friend', 'We'd Love to See you Again' (to reactivate old customers) and Customer Feedback Campaigns you can use to identify potential customers to target with Loyalty or Refer a Friend schemes. View Marketing Campaign Kits Here.

    The Kits contain everything you need to run that campaign including:

    • Pre-written text and images for an email promotion
    • Pre-written website articles/blog posts with accompanying images
    • Artwork for posters, leaflets and postcards in high resolution print-ready AND home-printer ready formats for local distribution/promotion
    • A selection of social media images and text optimised for the 6 main social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram)
    • Other resources include printable patient leaflets, customer feedback cards, and step by step instructions on exactly how to use the resources.

    We will be publishing 2-3 new campaigns each month.