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  • Part 3: Step by Step Guide to Using Our Marketing Content and Publishing Tools [How to Guide]

    This article is a step by step 'How to Guide' on how to use the ready-made marketing content and publishing tools that we offer under our Marketing subscriptions. It covers the following steps:

    • Publishing the professionally-created social media content to your social networks to build engagement, grow followers and collect new email leads
    • Sending our pre-written email using either the supplied Mailchimp template, or the text and image banners (if you use another email platform)
    • Posting the pre-written article/blog on your website, using the supplied text and image banners
    • Using the supplied print-ready material to postcard mailouts to promote your campaign.
    • Running a seminar or workshop to build local relationships with prospective customers using our off-the-shelf PowerPoint presentation
  • How the Territory Mapping Works for the Co-Kinetic Marketing System Licences

    This short post explains how we use franchise territory mapping software to issue licences to the Co-Kinetic marketing system and content.

  • A "Ready-To-Go" Marketing Strategy for Therapists [Article]

    In this article we explain why you’re doomed to failure if you don’t have a marketing strategy, why most marketing efforts fail and why narrowing your focus can give you the much needed advantage as well as helping you to save time and resources. We explain how to identify patients who are most likely ‘convert’ to paying customers, and we describe in detail a tried and tested strategy that 1000s of practitioners around the world are using to build their businesses right now. If you subscribe to our marketing content, we also provide you with EVERY piece of marketing material you need to run a new campaign, every month, following this same strategy.

  • Don't Run into Trouble: A Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists

    An all-in-one marketing strategy on the topic of running with ready-to-go social media posts, you can post directly to your social networks from within the Co-Kinetic platform. Each of these links to your own email collection form that we've created for you, and offers an awesome value-added piece of content, which they receive automatically when they share their email address with you (don't worry, we take care of it all for you). There's even a pre-written 'keep in touch' email on the same topic which you can send to your existing contacts, and an off-the-shelf PowerPoint presentation to wow them with your expertise and convert your email leads into paying customers. We've literally done it all for you. This video talks you through it.

    If you have a registered account (it's free) you can access 5 pieces of awesome social media (including a brilliant whiteboard animation) that you can post to your own social networks right now, all without a subscription.

  • How to Get More Patients Without Being Salesy [Article]

    FULLY OPEN ACCESS: After speaking to nearly 1,000 physical therapists in 2017, it's clear that it’s getting harder and harder to build a successful business. There’s a lot of competition and so much existing marketing noise. Plus as a profession we hate selling ourselves. In this article I'll talk you through a great strategy for doing this without ever feeling awkward or uncomfortable. I'll show you ways to increase traffic to your website, build engaging social networks, establish and grow your authority and credibility, expand your marketing reach, and find new customers as well as strengthen relationships with your existing ones. Plus if you take our Marketing Grader questionnaire (which takes no more than 3 minutes), you'll receive a customised series of emails personalised to your marketing situation showing you exactly where you can best prioritise your marketing efforts (and you'll be invited to join our closed Facebook Group Business Success for Therapists).

  • How to Run a Social Media and Lead Collection Campaign in Just 3 Minutes a Month - Yes, It Really is Possible using Co-Kinetic [Video]

    Here's how you run a social media lead collection campaign in just 3 minutes a month. It really is possible with the new Co-Kinetic content and marketing platform.