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  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Practical Treatment Approach [Article]

    This article discusses the incidence, presentation, anatomy and biomechanics of patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) before delving deeper into patient examination, the practical application of patellar taping, the use of orthoses and exercise rehabilitation therapy. It is supported by a series of videos which can also be used as part of a patient education programme, as well as printable patient information leaflets.

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  • Massage Mondays - MET Hamstring Stretch with Susan Findlay [Video]

    MET is a great tool to re-establish muscle engagement by waking up selected neuromuscular patterns within the connective tissue. In this week's Massage Monday video, Susan demonstrates a simple and effective way to do exactly this using the hamstrings as an example. Brought to you by Susan Findlay from the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM).

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee: A Practical Treatment Approach [Article]

    This article with accompanying videos and a client handout, has been written for practitioners, and discusses the issue of osteoarthritis of the knee, the role of exercise, its relationship with (or not) arthritis and progresses to physical therapy interventions including exercises which should be included as part of a strengthening and stretching plan. It is supported by videos which show manual therapy techniques that can be used as part of a treatment programme and additional videos that can be used as part of a patient education programme. Register free (or sign in) and we'll reveal a really clever way you can identify local opportunities for delivering osteoarthritis services.

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  • Combined Movement Theory for Massage Therapists [Article]

    We have all been in the situation where a patient presents to us with severe pain and impaired motion in a particular direction. We want to relieve their pain but don't want to do too much treatment and make them feel worse. Combined Movement Theory (CMT) is an examination and treatment framework incorporating spinal manipulation techniques, muscle energy techniques and mobilisation. Patients are placed in comfortable positions and moved in a manner that evokes a brain orchestrated pain inhibition mechanism, quickly. Patients learn that the threat they perceived, with a particular motion, can be simply reduced with movement. Now that we understand the neurophysiological effects of Dr Brian Edwards’ ‘combined movements’, it is clinically reasonable and a valuable tool for anyone interested in addressing specific impairments with specific physical education (Manual Therapy). This article explains the essential elements of CMT, how to put theory into practice, how to incorporate mobilisation and manipulation, how to detect regular and irregular patterns of spinal movement, and finally how to progress treatments.

  • We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts: Customer Feedback [Marketing Campaign Kit]

    As every interaction is an opportunity to build a relationship, we've designed this kit to help you run both a customer feedback campaign in your local area and via email. We've called the campaign 'We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts' and you can use some or all of the resources that work best for you. We have created text and images for both an email or printed letter and print-ready artwork for A6 postcards across two themes.

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  • General Marketing Resources: Professionally Designed and Ready to Use [Printable Resources]

    This General Marketing Resources Kit for Therapists includes the following:

    • Vouchers (£,€,$ in values of 5,10,20)
    • Gift Certificate
    • Net Promoter Score Postcard [Zip File]
    • Connect With Us Online Template [Zip File]
    • Reward Programme Implementation Checklist [PDF]
    • Loyalty Card: Postcard/Business Card [Zip File]
    • Google Review Handout [Zip File]

    All resources have been professionally designed and are printable in several formats and include 'bleed' versions for professional printing if required.

  • Using Printed Material to Grow your Therapy Business [How to Guide]

    This article is a step by step guide on how to use the printed material included in all our Marketing Kits for Therapists to grow your therapy business. Once you have selected which campaign you'd like to implement, this article will walk you through how to use our resources to promote your campaign locally.

  • Creating Email Campaigns [How to Guide]

    This article is a step by step Guide on exactly how to create an email marketing campaign, utilising the ready-made email resources (text and images) in our Marketing Kits for Therapists to run your business growth campaigns.

  • Plantar Fasciitis: A Pain in the Heel [Article]

    This article outlines the latest incidence statistics for chronic plantar heel pain, explains how the structure and function of the plantar fascia is affected by pathology, outlines a detailed differential diagnosis and then delves into an evidence-based exploration of passive treatment options, exercise therapy and late stage rehabilitation. We have also created an accompanying Heel Pain Content Marketing Kit which contains all the material you need to build awareness about Heel Pain and the how physical therapy can speed up the recovery process. Both the article and marketing kit are included as part of a full site subscription or can be purchased individually for those without a full site subscription. For more information register or login below.

  • We’d Love to See You Again: Customer Reactivation Campaign [Marketing Campaign Kit]

    This kit has been designed to help you run a customer reactivation campaign to bring old customers back. We've called the campaign 'We’d Love to See You Again' and you can use some or all of the resources that work best for you. We have created text and images for both an email and printed letter, a ready-to-go Mailchimp email template and these are backed up with images that have been optimised specifically for the 6 main social network platforms. Should you want to run the campaign locally we’ve also provided print-ready artwork for posters, leaflets and A6 postcards across two themes.

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  • Refer a Friend Campaign [Marketing Campaign Kit]

    This kit has been designed to help you run both a social media as well a local 'Refer a Friend' campaign. You can use some or all of the resources that work best for you. All the resources mentioned in this free article are included.

    We have created text and images for both an email or printed letter and these are backed up with images and templates that have been optimised specifically for the 6 main social network platforms and are designed to lead back to your website. Should you want to run the campaign locally we’ve provided print-ready artwork for posters, leaflets and A6 postcards across 6 themes.

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  • Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists from Co-Kinetic: An Overview [Article]

    Our Ready-Made Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists include literally everything you need to run a marketing campaign both physically and online on both your website and through social media. There are two different types of kit both aimed at increasing appointment bookings. For more information visit this link.

    • Content Campaigns: Clinical topics that are topical or newsworthy which can be used to build trust with both existing and new customers through your website, social networks and in your place of work and are designed to prompt bookings of appointments for that condition. View Content Kits Here.
    • Marketing Campaigns: such as 'Refer a Friend', 'We'd Love to See you Again' (to reactivate old customers) and Customer Feedback Campaigns you can use to identify potential customers to target with Loyalty or Refer a Friend schemes. View Marketing Campaign Kits Here.

    The Kits contain everything you need to run that campaign including:

    • Social media you can post directly to your social networks from within the Co-Kinetic Platform
    • A lead collection page (again provided within the Co-Kinetic platform)
    • Pre-written text and images for an email promotion
    • Pre-written website articles/blog posts with accompanying images
    • Artwork for posters, leaflets and postcards in high resolution print-ready AND home-printer ready formats for local distribution/promotion
    • Other resources include printable patient leaflets, customer feedback cards, and step by step instructions on exactly how to use the resources.
  • Latest News from Fascia Research: Implications for Manual and Movement Therapy [Video]

    The interdisciplinary field of fascia research is a very dynamic field. Insights from past research have already contributed to a new understanding of musculoskeletal dynamics in which fascia plays a much more active and versatile role than previously assumed. The latest research has some fascinating implications for all bodywork therapists. Join the co-founder of the International Fascial Congress, Robert Schleip, for a lively exploration of the most recent developments and their practical clinical applications.

    To view the webinar trailer simply click Latest news from fascia research - Trailer [Video] under the Media Contents section on the right hand side of your screen or click the embedded video below. The full length webinar is 53 minutes.

  • Biotensegrity: A Balance of Forces [Video]

    Why is elasticity so crucial to our health and resilience? What exactly do we mean by elasticity and how does it relate to Biotensegrity? What specific values does this context bring to the body work table or the movement classroom?

    As Fascia Research expands, so the technology to understand its characteristics and behaviours in our moving bodies is becoming more refined. It is changing the perspective of how we see and assess the body holistically and, in particular, the value we place on elasticity as a component of adaptability and resilience. New models and metaphors, such as biotensegrity, explain movement and our responses to intervention in new ways. This is valuable, even crucial knowledge for all movement and manual practitioners in the fields of health and human performance. Using the theme of biotensegrity and recognising its range of applications, will provide insight into the value of all different kinds of intervention from a variety of modalities.

    To view webinar trailer simply click Biotensegrity: A Balance of Forces - Trailer [Video] under the Media Contents section on the right hand side of your screen. The full length webinar is 1 hour 58 minutes.

  • From Therapy Student to Clinical Practitioner: 12 Must-Read Articles For the Student Therapist [Group of articles]

    Discover the secrets to soft tissue repair and healing, understand how to assess the lower limb quickly and efficiently and learn the art to performing a professional postural assessment. This is the first section of our content module "From Therapy Student to Practitioner" which covers essential topics on making the transition from a therapy student to a fully-fledged therapy practitioner. Every article is printable and downloadable.

    This section includes the following articles and CPD eLearning assessments:

    • Posture: Part 1 + (eLearning assessment/quiz)
    • Posture: Part 2
    • Anatomical differences in patient populations + (eLearning assessment/quiz)
    • “What’s your problem?” A ready reckoner to patient assessment
    • Knee joint assessment
    • Assessment of the ankle
    • Assessment of the foot
    • Assessment of the hip joint
    • Acute soft tissue injury management update
    • Tissue repair – the current state of the art
    • Electrotherapy and tissue repair
    • Muscle injury and rehabilitation + (eLearning assessment/quiz)
  • Tensegrity and biotensegrity - is this the next big thing in understanding body structure?

    Can tensegrity, or more specifically biotensegrity (defined as ‘tensegrity in living structures’), explain the interconnectedness of body structure? More importantly, will an understanding of biotensegrity change the way in which you work as a massage therapist? At this moment in our evolutionary history, it seems very likely it can and will, which is why the concept of tensegrity and biotensegrity has become an international hot topic and has provoked much discussion among a wide range of scientists and therapists. Simply defined biotensegrity provides a scientific (and plausible) explanation for something that we as therapists instinctively already know, that every structure in the body is in some way interconnected in a way in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This article (along with its associated links to a series of animations) documents a fascinating insight into the ongoing debate between two leaders in their fields of research into the organisation of body structure and gives the reader the opportunity to understand the relevant concepts and compare the different points of view. It looks very much like this is the next step in our journey of discovery of functional anatomy.