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  • Rugby Hurts: Content Marketing Campaign for Therapists

    A ready-made business growth content marketing kit for promoting yourself and your business without being salesy! The kit is based on the theme of Rugby Injuries and timed to coincide with the 2017 6 Nations Rugby Tournament. It includes a social media campaign, content for your website or blog, email newsletter content, a PDF article, posters and leaflets and a promotional video you can add to your YouTube/video channel or embed on your website.

    The tools in this kit will help you:

    • Super-charge your reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy practitioner
    • Attract new clients
    • Deepen your relationship with existing clients
    • Grow your social network influence
    • Build your email newsletter list
    • Enhance your website with great content
    • Boost your website search rankings
    • Harness the power of your local media
    • Widen your network using local partners
    • Sell without having to be 'salesy'

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  • Combined Movement Theory for Massage Therapists [Article]

    We have all been in the situation where a patient presents to us with severe pain and impaired motion in a particular direction. We want to relieve their pain but don't want to do too much treatment and make them feel worse. Combined Movement Theory (CMT) is an examination and treatment framework incorporating spinal manipulation techniques, muscle energy techniques and mobilisation. Patients are placed in comfortable positions and moved in a manner that evokes a brain orchestrated pain inhibition mechanism, quickly. Patients learn that the threat they perceived, with a particular motion, can be simply reduced with movement. Now that we understand the neurophysiological effects of Dr Brian Edwards’ ‘combined movements’, it is clinically reasonable and a valuable tool for anyone interested in addressing specific impairments with specific physical education (Manual Therapy). This article explains the essential elements of CMT, how to put theory into practice, how to incorporate mobilisation and manipulation, how to detect regular and irregular patterns of spinal movement, and finally how to progress treatments.

  • We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts: Customer Feedback [Marketing Campaign Kit]

    As every interaction is an opportunity to build a relationship, we've designed this kit to help you run both a customer feedback campaign in your local area and via email. We've called the campaign 'We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts' and you can use some or all of the resources that work best for you. We have created text and images for both an email or printed letter and print-ready artwork for A6 postcards across two themes.

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  • Step by Step Guide to Our Content Marketing Kits [How to Guide]

    This article is a step by step 'How to Guide' on how to use the various elements of a Co-Kinetic Content Marketing Kit. It covers the following steps:

    • Creating your article/blog using the supplied text and image banners
    • Creating your email using the supplied email template, text and image banners
    • Choosing your audience to send your email out to, and creating your email list
    • Using the supplied tweets and images on your social networks to build your social media following and get the attention of new customers
    • Using the printed material to run poster campaigns, leaflet drops and postcard mailouts.

    More info about our Marketing Kits for Therapists can be found here.

  • Christmas Themed Vouchers and Gift Certificates [Printable Resources]

    Boost your Bookings with our Christmas Themed Vouchers and Gift Certificates

    Why not use Christmas as an opportunity to generate more business and attract new customers with our selection of Christmas themed gift certificates and discount vouchers! We've even given you two Themes to choose from (see below).

    How to Use the Christmas-Themed Vouchers and Gift Certificates

    • Print out our Christmas Gift Certificates and allow people to buy gift appointments. The Gift Certificate has an area in which you can describe exactly what's been purchased.
    • Print out and sell the ready-to-print discount vouchers (provided in UK Sterling, Euros or Dollars in values of 5, 10 and 20)
    • All artwork is high resolution and ready for printing
    • Each piece of artwork is available both with or without bleed
    • Artwork with bleed is ideal to send to your local or online printer
    • Artwork without bleed is designed for you to print using your own printer

    Why not stick the vouchers on a wall or have them on the counter at reception so people can see that they are available.

    Quick links to the campaign material (these become active once you've purchased the content below)

    • Christmas Themed Gift Certificates [Zip File]
    • Christmas Themed Vouchers [Zip File]
  • Marketing Campaign Kit: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Get the answers to all of your Marketing Campaign Kit questions, including:

    • What are Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists?
    • What is the difference between a Content and Campaign marketing kit?
    • What does a Content Marketing Kit include?
    • What does a Campaign Marketing Kit include?
    • How do I run a campaign using the resources available in the kits?
    • Can I turn the PDFs you supply, into JPG images and add my own text?
    • Video walkthrough showing how to use the kits
    • Mind map overview of the all marketing campaign kits for therapists [Link]
    • When I subscribe would I have full access to past kits as well as future?
    • Can I sign up now?
    • Am I tied into a contract?
    • How do I cancel a subscription