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Your Personal Lead Collection URL: Your Secret Weapon to Collecting New Leads

Every piece of marketing you send out, and particularly social media content should in the most part lead to some sort of 'lead capture' page (also known as a landing page).

This is where you offer a highly value piece of content in exchange for some details, most commonly a name and email address. Having a healthy engaged email newsletter list is the key to long-term marketing success. Without it, you can pump out as much marketing as you like, but you'll miss the golden opportunity to collect new contact leads, which can then be nurtured into loyal, paying, referring customers.

This is what the top of your 'sales funnel' should look like in real life:

How does this work?

In order to enable you to collect new leads, you first need to offer people a high value piece of content, which sits "behind" a lead collection page. When someone visits your lead collection page, they read a description of the high value piece of content and if they want it (which is the ideal goal), they enter their detail in the lead collection form and receive the high value piece of content in return.

For each of the marketing campaigns we publish, we create that piece of high value content, and put it behind a lead collection page which we design and host on your behalf. You get to it by using your Personal Lead Collection URL (see image below) - it is this link which goes out with all the social media posts you post from the Co-Kinetic system.

Every campaign has a different URL, and each one is linked specifically to you. This means when someone enters their details in the form, we know who that new lead belongs to, and which campaign and account we should add the lead to.


Most of the pieces of social media that you send out using our platform, include this link. So when someone clicks on the piece of social media which takes them to the lead collection form, when they fill out the form, we collect that lead and pass it back to the Leads tab for that campaign, in your Co-Kinetic account.

So where do you use this Lead Collection URL?

Basically you should add it to anything and everything relevant to the topic in question. This could include:

  • Social media posts (not only the Co-Kinetic ones but also ones you post independently on the same relevant topic)
  • Links in blog posts you publish on your website or blog
  • Links in articles or guest blog posts you write for other people
  • Shorten it (using a URL shortener tool like and add it to the postcard we provide with each kit which you could then print up and distribute locally (read the section of this article for more inspiration)
  • Make sure it's included in the text below any videos you upload to YouTube (either the Co-Kinetic ones or your own)

The idea is that you give people some good value content on a given topic, but then you give them the option to sign up to a "content upgrade". This an even higher value piece of content, on the same subject area. This way you're using your social media, blog posts and guest blog posts to collect new email leads.

The beauty of the Co-Kinetic system is you don't have to worry about it. All you need to do is make sure you put your Personal Lead Collection link wherever you can that's relevant and we take care of everything else.

What happens when someone arrives on the lead collection page?

We work with professional copywriters and marketers to make sure this lead capture page has the best chance of 'converting' ie. collecting these all important leads. So we design it, we create the 'lead magnet' (the high value piece of information they are signing up to receive) and we upload that lead magnet to our system, so that when they enter their email address, they automatically receive, or are sent to a new page that contains, that piece of content. You don't have to do anything else. Literally nothing.

But this URL link is all important...

As I've explained this link is uniquely connected to you. It tells us which new lead belongs to whose Co-Kinetic account. You have a different URL/link for each marketing campaign. So the Shoulder Impingement campaign is a different link to the Back Pain Campaign and so on. That's so we know which campaign to put your lead under, otherwise they'd all go into one big pot and you wouldn't be able to tell who had signed up for which campaign. While that would still be functional, we wanted to do better than that!

Even better, if you connect a Mailchimp account, the new lead is added to a new Mailchimp 'group' under your Co-Kinetic Leads Mailchimp list. This means Mailchimp also knows which campaign each lead has come from. Which in turn means if you want to target this particular group with content on a similar or related topic, there's a very good chance they will be interested in. Cool huh?!

So where do you find this link?

  • Step 1: Go to the Campaigns section of the website
  • Step 2: Choose the campaign you want the link for
  • Step 3: Go into the Set up tab
  • Step 4: Click the Copy button next to the link

And what's the Personal Success Page URL that sits underneath it, how is this different?

This is the page that a person is redirected to, AFTER they've entered their details in your lead collection form. Usually this will contain the piece of content that's been promised on the lead collection form.

Note: This is a new feature added in 2018 so some of the older campaigns created before this time, won't have a success page URL. If this is the case, that field simply won't appear under the Lead Collection URL.

There are three key purposes for the Success Page URL:

  1. We can be more creative with the types of high value content that we offer because we have a whole page to play with instead of just offering a single downloadable file (try copying and pasting your Success Page URL into a new browser window for one of the latest campaigns and see what I mean!).
  2. If you have Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel integrated with the Co-Kinetic platform (click this link for details) it allows you to set up goals in Google Analytics, or custom conversions in Facebook Ads, to see how many people achieve your goals (this is particularly useful if you're using paid advertising.
  3. For the purposes of nurturing your existing email contacts - you can include this URL in your regular nurture emails giving those readers a shortcut straight to the high value resources. As you already have their email details, there's no specific need to send them to the lead collection page. The only reason you MIGHT want to do this, is to gauge what they're interested in, based on the campaigns they've signed up to. The route you want to take is completely up to you.