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What's useful to know about the new sportEX site?

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How do the content categories work?

They're structured in 5 layers and you can purchase one or more items from any level (that is of course if you don't already have a current subscription).

  1. The full site is the top layer and it's possible to purchase a subscription to the full site
  2. Categories - these are the top levels you can see along the menu bar - these are like top level interests
  3. Channels - these are smaller groups of contents under a top category (these are indicated by little folder icons)
  4. Tags - these are collections of content under a keyword and are indicated by the little label icons
  5. Individual articles

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How does the sportEX content fit in?

Basically quite simply the sportEX medicine category = the Physical Therapy category and the sportEX dynamics category = the Manual Therapy category. We wanted to broaden the content we published which is part of the reason for our rebrand (explained in more detail below) and we didn't want to be pigeon-holed into only being about sport so our Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy categories give us the chance to do this.

So who is Co-Kinetic?

Don't worry, it's still us at sportEX. We wanted to launch our rebrand at the same time as we launched the website but we couldn't get everything done in time and the website came first in priority as we wanted to launch the April issues on it. So for now we've kept our sportEX logo but used the new web address because it's actually quite complicated to use a temporary web address when when building a whole new website from scratch. We also wanted to keep the old site live until we're happy everything is working exactly as it should be!

So long answer short - sportEX and Co-Kinetic are two halves of the same company!

Why the rebrand to Co-Kinetic?

This is important for a number of reasons - this is the short version (I'll explain in more detail another time!):

  • firstly a lot of our content, particularly our manual therapy content, is not sports-related and we were losing potential readers because they didn't 'work in sport' and so they didn't think our content was relevant to them - something we knew wasn't true
  • secondly we wanted the opportunity to expand our content to include wider physical and manual therapy topics that weren't just about sport. Sport and exercise medicine however will remain as one of our core content channels which we have in fact strengthened on this new site by taking on targeted commissioning editors for our sports-specific channels with guaranteed numbers of articles being published each quarter
  • thirdly and arguably most importantly for me personally, was that I wanted to change the way we publish to become a much more collaborative content-creation process paid for through a co-operative business model where content creators earn up to 25% in royalties on all sales of the content. This is very different to the more traditional publishing business model that we have followed to date (more on this another time for those who interested).

What can you expect from the new site?

Well I know a lot of my existing subscribers will be very glad to get away from the old page turning archives - I hated them too for what it was worth! Thanks to the design advances in web publishing offered by HTML 5, and a range of new cloud-based internet technologies we've been able to create a nice looking and secure publishing platform which can accomodate all types of media and will form the basis of a learning and professional development community. We have two more relatively significant development phases planned for the next few months but the first priority was to get the foundations of a publishing platform developed and integrated with our existing services like the SCORM-compliant elearning resources. We haven't been able to load all our content on the site yet just because of the volume of work involved but we're getting there and should have everything loaded up by the end of April!

Here's what's available today:

  • April 2015's articles in both journals are availale as both web pages as well as PDFs (this is how all the articles will look going back to Jan 2011 when we've finished adding them (scheduled for the end of this month))
  • All articles back to July 2013 are currently available in PDF format (these are accessible in the Media Contents panel where a PDF exists)

What will be available in the coming weeks

  • Our ultimate goal is to have every article on here in PDF format as a fully searchable archive of everything we've published since we first launched in July 1999.

Mobile apps

These are still available on Apple, Android and Kinde Fire. You can download these here and you can continue to use your password that we've provided you for this site. If for any reason you change it on this site and you have any problems logging into the mobile app then please email us at [email protected]


So we've been able to set your current password on this site to be the same as your password on our old site (and this is the login details I will have sent you initially). We've also integrated this site with our sportEX site which means that if you change your password on this site, it will flow through to sportEX and also our mobile apps. However please don't change your password on the sportEX site because this won't flow backwards to co-kinetic! There's more information at this link.

Payment changes

This new site gives us this opportunity to provide you with a major improvement in convenience when it comes to payment processing. While there's a lot I don't like about Amazon you can't fault the ease and convenience of their shopping experience, and for those of us involved in ecommerce technology, it still stands as a gold stanard and something to be aspired to. I've always wanted to offer the convenience of storing credit cards for ongoing purchases but because of the security issues around this, it's not been possible, that is until Stripe was launched. Stripe takes responsibility for the security that small companies couldn't afford to deliver alone, and allows us to integrate with them, while guaranteeing the security that a company like Amazon can. It's revolutionary for small businesses like sportEX and we're very excited to be able to offer it through this new site.

I think that's it for now but I really hope you enjoy the site and as always I would love feedback both good and bad.

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