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Ways to Work with Co-Kinetic

Aspiring author or existing content creator?

Love creating content and helping people do their jobs better, or do you already produce content (eg. for a training course that you run) that you'd like to generate additional revenue from? Why not write for us or resell your content through Co-Kinetic? This article will give you all the necessary information

Run existing vocational training courses and want to differentiate yourself from other course providers (and provide a better experience for your students)?

Why not work with us to develop short multiple-choice question elearning quizzes which your students then need to complete as part of their coursework? Successful completion of each quiz result in the generation of a printable and downloadable Co-Kinetic learning certificate which includes a summary of the quiz contents. You can also earn advertising credits which you can use to place advertising on either our website or within the print journals on any students who make a purchase with us. Again email for more details.

Work at a University and want supplementary resources and elearning material to support students on your degree programmes?

We have a library subscription that includes two print copies of each quarterly journal and unlimited logins for students. Students are also able to complete the elearning quiz modules. More information can be found here.

Own a clinic or employ staff and want to provide cost-effective CPD opportunities?

Let us know how many website logins you want and how many copies of the quarterly print journal and we'll build the subscription for you. You can add and remove people from your licenses or add or remove licenses at any time. Email with details of what you want and she'll email back with pricing details.

Run a business and want to promote your products and services through the Co-Kinetic website or in the Co-Kinetic journal?

Love what we do and want to earn cash or advertising credit by promoting us to your own audiences of physical and manual therapists?

We have a very good affiliate programme which allows you to earn 15-25% of all sales from leads you generate. Even better, we'll double the value if you want to use the revenue generated on advertising with us. So if you earned £100 in affiliate fees, we'd give you £200 to use for advertising. Email for details.

These options are not mutually exclusive and there's always the mix and match option :-)

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