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The Way the Co-Kinetic Full Site Subscription Works is Changing

Important Point: If you ALREADY have a valid Full Site Subscription (either with or without the print journal) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will change for you. Our promise is that once you subscribe, your price is fixed from that moment until the subscription is cancelled. We've always made the same promise and we will go back on it. The change I'm describing below ONLY applies to new subscriptions.

What's Changing with the Co-Kinetic Full Site Subscription?

Because of the addition of all the business growth and marketing material, we're turning the Full Site Subscription into an application-based subscription. Please note that this ONLY applies to the Full Site subscription. You can purchase access to categories of content, as well as to individual articles at any time.

Why are we making these changes?

For these resources to have impact, we need people with access to them to be geographically well-distributed so that subscribers aren't competing against too many other local therapists with the same resources, so we need to keep a careful track of where subscribers are and how they're geographically distributed.

There is a second reason.

Very simply because we want members/subscribers who will (and can) take full advantage of the resources we're producing. We also don't want people subscribing, not using the resources, taking up slots that other people could have, and potentially feeling that they are not getting their 'money's worth'. Our goal has always been to under-promise and over-deliver, so we don't want disappointed customers, we want happy subscribers!

We also believe we can significantly impact the businesses of the people using these resources, in terms of marketing and social media engagement and we want to make sure that the people who can benefit, DO!

So how does it work going forward?

Let me reiterate once more: these changes only apply to new subscriptions taken out after the 2nd April. For anyone with an existing subscription, or who get their subscription in before midnight on Sunday 2nd April, nothing will change (just don't let your subscription lapse!). Your price will always be fixed at the price you sign up for, you'll never be affected by price increases.

After the 2nd April we'll shut off the ability to subscribe to the Full Site Subscription and instead there will be a link to a survey for those interested in joining. Once we receive a survey response, our team will review it and on the basis of your answers, if we feel you can benefit significantly from, and will make good use of, the business growth/marketing content we offer through the membership, we'll offer you a subscription option. That option will be live for 7 days after the offer is made. If the membership isn't taken up during that time, you'll need to repeat the process once again. We need to do this in order to keep tabs on the geographical distribution of the subscriptions.

Does this affect other purchases on the Co-Kinetic website?

Nope, this is only relevant to the Full Site Subscription which includes everything we publish. If you want to subscribe to a category of content, an individual article or just the print journal, you can still do that at any time. This only affects the Full Site Subscription.

Want to take out a subscription before the April 2nd curfew?

Click the relevant button below.

Purchase Full Site Subscription (no print journal) - £47.50 per month

To include the print journal click this button:

Purchase Full Site Subscription (including print journal) - £48.50 per month

For other subscription options click here:

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If you have any other questions, please use the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of this screen to start a chat. If we can't respond immediately just leave your email address and we'll reply as soon as we can.

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