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Turning Email Leads into Paying Customers: Using the Powerful Hidden Influences of Nurture Emails [Article]

So, you’re publishing some great social media content onto your social networks, some of which (hopefully) is designed specifically to collect email leads in return for the downloading of a value-added piece of content. Everyone reading this article, will probably have a bunch of email leads of past and prospective customers, that aren’t currently being tapped to grow your business. Depending on the size of your list, this is a significant opportunity that can be mobilised quickly and easily.

The question is how can you convert these email leads into paying customers most quickly, efficiently and easily. And how can you employ research findings around the topic of influence and persuasion to facilitate the process? This is exactly what this article will explain. I'll show you why nurture emails have some hidden influences that can make them the most powerful tool in your marketing (read relationship-building) toolbox and I'll show you practical ways you can do this.

I'll also give you 5 stunning, interactive resources you can start sending to your clients today.

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