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Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) and Transverse Soft Tissue Release: A Case Study [Article]

Does stretching the iliotibal band (ITB) conjure up scenes of torture? For many clients it seems to be a rite of passage, if the treatment has not taken a client’s breath away it can lead to doubts of how good a therapist is or how successful the treatment was. This article will challenge the old school of thought, 'deeper is better' when it comes to treating the ITBS, and that giving it a bit of elbow will sort it out. It won't! I am proposing a different intention, how to deliver the best treatment with minimal discomfort particularly given the sensitivity of the ITB. I will be demonstrating how transverse soft tissue release can offer an effective form of treatment for iliotibial band syndrome while dispelling the 'deep is better' myth. The article includes a detailed video showing the manual techniques described along with a certificated continuing education assessment and some practical client advice.

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