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The Physio Matters Podcast: The Latest Instalment... [Podcast]

Putting big mouths and big ideas behind microphones. Listen to the first session of the brand new "The Patient Matters Podcast" - Sam Williams' Story.

The Physio Matters Podcast delivers musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine information for those working in physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports rehabilitation, medicine and all divisions of the healthcare industry. The Physio Matters Podcast is a feature of Chews Health's third core value 'We Educate'. Episodes will feature expert, honest advice, delivered directly to listeners at no cost. Episode average of 26,500 90+% full-listen rate of worldwide in 2014.

Patient Matters Session 1: Sam Williams' Story

This is the first session of the brand new "The Patient Matters Podcast" where TPMP bring you the stories of the most important people in healthcare. What better way to learn than through the experiences of those who have walked the walk.

This month TPMP have Sam Williams who takes us through his journey of chronic joint pain and Hypermobility Syndrome, he has seen a vast array of healthcare providers and his story is one all of us health care professionals can learn from.

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