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The Co-Kinetic Partner Directory [Article]

Welcome to the Co-Kinetic Partner Directory

A subscription to the Co-Kinetic Partner Directory provides the following opportunities:

  • The option to offer up to 4 special promotions a year via email and the Co-Kinetic website.
  • The opportunity to provide up to four 'static' (ongoing, time-unlimited) discounts to Co-Kinetic readers (one for registered users (registration is free) and one for full site subscribers). The customer's subscription status will determine which offer they see.
  • A fully populated Contact Us Panel with interactive links to the various contact details (the map link will open to your geographical location (if one is set)) and the phone numbers and email links will be clickable.
  • A customisable, up to 320 word, description of your business.
  • Option to add 3 dedicated gif or jpg banners to your profile page (click here for specifications).
  • The ability to connect author profiles to your account (which will then appear on your Partner page).
  • Links to any related editorial content (articles, videos etc) written by your connected “authors", and published on the Co-Kinetic platform.
  • An active Twitter widget featuring your latest live Tweets.
  • Links to all your major social media profiles.
  • Regular activity statistics about your page ie. number of visits, clicks etc sent via email.

For Bronze, Silver and Gold membership specifications click here.

How it works

  • A membership to the Partners Directory starts from as little as £120 per year + vat (dependant on which plan you choose) and will recur each year.
  • On receipt of your membership purchase we'll send you a link to a form where you can fill out the details we've outlined above (if you add social networks further down the line, we're happy to add these as and when necessary).
  • With a Bronze membership the 'static' discount offers will ideally run for the full period of your directory subscription and won't change (within reason). For Silver and Gold members there is the option to change the discount offers up to 2 or 4 times per year respectively (See our Plans and Pricing).
  • Silver and Gold members will be emailed 7 days before our email newsletter is due to be sent out asking for details on a special monthly promotion you’d like to offer (there's no obligation to). Instructions will be supplied in email.
  • Your special monthly promotion (Silver and Gold members) will also be displayed both on your Affiliation page on the site as well as on two other pages which we will promote widely to our customer-base.

To view an example of one of our Partner Directory entries, click here.

Plans and Pricing

For Bronze, Silver and Gold membership specifications click here.

Purchase a Bronze Membership - £120/per year + VAT

Purchase a Silver Membership - £270/per year + VAT

Purchase a Gold Membership - £499/per year + VAT


Company description

  • 160 words or less for Bronze members
  • 320 words of less for Silver and Gold members
  • Company logo 800 (width) x 800 (height) pixels

Company contact details include

  • Company name
  • Contact email address
  • Telephone number
  • Postal address
  • Company website

Social media profile links include

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube

Profile banner

  • Set of three - One set of three per year for Silver members and fours sets of three per year for Gold members
  • 728 (width) x 90 (height) pixels
  • 930 (width) x 180 (height) pixels
  • 250 (width) x 360 (height) pixels

Static discounts

  • These include a registered user discount and a subscriber discount
  • Each discount needs to be under 100 characters.

Email and offer page promotion

  • Silver and Gold members can pick their preferred months to feature in our email newsletter/offer page
  • Every attempt is made to feature your promotion in the months of your choosing, however this is not always possible.

Ways to enhance your Co-Kinetic Partner Profile

  • Have you produced legitimate "value-add" content that is practically useful for therapists? If so, why not let us evaluate it for possible inclusion on the Co-Kinetic platform

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