Sportex Time-saving marketing resources for physical & manual therapists

The Co-Kinetic Compendium of Marketing and Clinic Growth for Physical Therapists and Manual Therapists (Co-Kinetic Journal April '21 Issue 88)

This Compendium is both a marketing guide and a handbook helping you to get the very best value from your Co-Kinetic subscription as well as your marketing activities as a whole. It details a three-step marketing strategy, designed specifically to overcome the six biggest marketing obstacles that more than 1,500 physical and manual therapists have identified as holding them back from building thriving businesses. It’s also a long overdue, all-in-one-place outline of the full range of services at your disposal through the Co-Kinetic subscriptions – including several new features developed to help you adapt to the post-Covid business landscape. As well as detailed descriptions of everything available to you, you’ll find tips on how to use your social media, run successful live events, attract new customers with discount vouchers and more. You’ll also find handy marketing cheat sheets to help make sure you’re doing the right things at the right time. It’s our way of ensuring you’re getting the best value – and the most customers – from your Co-Kinetic resources as you look to build your business. It's fully-open access, all you need to do is log in with an existing login (no subscription required), or register free below to access it in full.