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The Challenges Facing Physical Therapy Businesses in 2022 and Beyond – and What To Do About Them [Article]

Let’s face it, we’ve been incredibly privileged as a generation that we haven’t had to deal with too much national or international threat to our livelihoods (unless of course you count the ongoing destruction of our environment). But let’s not beat about the bush, life is about to get much, much more expensive and running a business is going to get significantly harder, not just for months but potentially for years. Whether we like it or not, as business owners, we’re going to have to adapt. If we don’t, our businesses are going to die. And we need to take action quickly. One way or the other, a lot of businesses still won’t make it through. This article details some strategic decisions and actions that you can take now, to help your business make it through this latest financial challenge, that’s fast taking hold. The sooner you act, the better off both you and your business will be. Register (or sign in) below to read this article without needing a subscription.