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The Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training for Rehabilitation [Article]

There are many situations when patients experience loss of muscle mass and function, for example, after a sports injury, surgery, fracture or joint degeneration. Resistance training is known to be effective for strength training but is often not advised for these patients because of the increased injury risk. Low-load blood flow restriction training, however, has been found to cause beneficial responses in skeletal muscle while avoiding heavy loads. This article reviews blood flow restriction training, the theories about how it works and how to use it so that your patients can get stronger quicker. It is useful in a wide range of clinical applications including prehabilitation, rehabilitation after injury or postoperatively, as well as for athletes looking for those elusive marginal gains when the benefits from their current training programme seem to have plateaued. Register free below (or log in if you already have an account) and you can access the article key points and other related resources.

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