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The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Sports Medicine this Month [Infographic]

Co-Kinetic and alternative research metrics company Altmetric, have joined forces to bring you a live infographic of the most discussed pieces of research relevant to sports medicine each month. The latest month is viewable below. You can also view data previous months by registering an account below. We also do the same for the topic of manual/massage therapy which you can find at this link.

December 2016

Altmetric Badge Link to original piece of research #
Physical activity prescription: a critical opportunity to address a modifiable risk factor for the prevention and management of chronic disease: a position statement by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine 1
Psychological factors are associated with the outcome of physiotherapy for people with shoulder pain: a multicentre longitudinal cohort study 2
Effect of early supervised physiotherapy on recovery from acute ankle sprain: randomised controlled trial 3
Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the overtraining syndrome: joint consensus statement of the European college of sport science and the american college of sports medicine 4
Barriers to treatment adherence in physiotherapy outpatient clinics: a systematic review 5
Enhance placebo, avoid nocebo: how contextual factors affect physiotherapy outcomes 6
The evidence base for orthopaedics and sports medicine 7
Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Diabetes Association: joint position statement 8
Economic evaluation favours physiotherapy but not corticosteroid injection as a first-line intervention for chronic lateral epicondylalgia: evidence from a randomised clinical trial 9
Physiotherapy for pain: a meta-epidemiological study of randomised trials 10

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