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Spontaneous Rupture of the Plantar Fascia in a Professional Football Player [Article]

Spontaneous rupture of the plantar fascia is not commonly presented within physiotherapy or sports injury literature. The incidence within professional football players is even rarer. This is a case report of a professional footballer who had a rupture following a short bout of moderate plantar fasciitis. The actual rupture occurred early in a competitive league game but the player completed a full 90 minutes and only missed 11 days of training going against all existing literature on the condition being debilitative in the early stages. Rupture was diagnosed through pre- and post-injury MRI. This case discusses presentation, treatment of plantar fasciitis, MRI results, and treatment and rehabilitation of the spontaneous rupture. Differences between plantar fasciitis and plantar fascia rupture are also discussed in line with MRI findings.

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