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April 2015

17th April

  • A lot behind the scenes today but from a user point of view we've refined the the main Account panel which now shows (and links you) to the categories you have access to (as well as any content you've viewed recently under that, and Latest Content across the site on the right hand side)

  • We've also updated the Content map (which you can always access by clicking the Subscribe button in the menu bar, or by scrolling down to the footer and clicking on the link Our content categories under the Our Content column) so that it shows green padlocks by the exact sections you have access to and no padlocks next to the sections you don't have a subscription to.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

16th April

  • Gary (my tech genius) just tested the loading speed of our home page - 1.98s to load the whole page, then tested the BBC's which was 3.78s. I countered that they had video on their pages, Gary countered that they also had 1000s of servers and a massive infrastructure. We're smokin'!

  • Added a green padlock to show you at a glance what you have access to - this can be seen next to categories, channels and individual articles

  • Added the functionality to 'favourite' articles. See the images. below. If you click this link it will add the article to the Favourites section under your account.

STEP 1: To favourite a piece of content click this link on the article itself:

STEP 2: It then appears in the Favourites section under your Account:

STEP 3: And to unfavourite it, you click the link again either in your Favourites section or on the article itself

15th April

  • Went live with full web versions of April issues and with PDF content of all articles going back to July 2013 (inclusive)

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