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Should I Use Social Media for my Physical Therapy Business? If So, Why and How? [Article]

Social media. Some people love it, some people hate it and the rest of us tolerate it, mostly begrudgingly. However, as a small business owner you’d be a little bit mad to ‘diss’ it. You can also waste a huge amount of time on social media, and never get any kind of return on that investment. But you can avoid that by having a solid strategy. In this article, I’ll outline the strengths of having active social network pages but more importantly review what you can achieve for your business by having a good social media presence. I will look at the key objectives for healthcare-based businesses and explain what you should be prioritising and why. Lastly, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions such as which platforms should you be using, how many times a day should you be posting and whether or not you should you be spending time on more than one platform. We also cover some social media trends for 2020. Hold onto your horses....!

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