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Does the story go something like this?

You have some great content, but you know the internet is awash with content. You're passionate about what you do and so you create it in the hope that people will come. Some do, and you develop a loyal following of advocates who help to promote your work, but you know there are so many more people who could benefit from your content. You're incredibly proud of what you've created but how do you get it in front of more people?

You realise it's a whole business in it's own right. You have to set up a website to promote it (or employ someone else to do it). Then you have to create a way for people to purchase it and manage access to it. Then you have to create marketing material, get your head around SEO (search engine optimisation) and get active on the social networks promoting it.

Or you may have already done all the above, but you know there's a much bigger audience out there and you want to widen your reach.

But all this time it's taking you away from what you love and what you do best that led you to create the content in the first place!

Why not let us do it for you?

This is exactly why I built Co-Kinetic. Traditionally we've commissioned and published our own unique content, and we'll continue to do that, but I also had countless conversations that went along the exact lines of the scenario I've described above and I wanted to create a solution to this too. It's hard work, time-consuming and expensive creating content from scratch, as you know only too well, so it made sense to build a platform that I could make available to anyone with great quality content, pitched at our audience, that was facing the same scenario.

Phase 1 of the Co-Kinetic project (May '15 to May '16) was to make sure the content delivery, permission-based access and purchasing aspects were robust and as flexible as I wanted them to be, using our own content. Phase 2 is now to open the platform to other content providers who have great content that's relevant to our audience of physical therapists and soft tissue practitioners, who want to increase awareness and/or generate revenue from a wider audience.

How does it work financially?

There are two revenue options. You can choose one or both.

  1. A straight 50:50 split for direct purchases - ie. a customer buys a specific piece of your content (or purchases access to your specific section of content if you wish to make several pieces of content available through our site). And if you want to publish content regularly through us, we can also create a recurring subscription for your area of content which again we'd split 50:50.

  2. Royalty model - we also have the option of including your content in the pool of content that's available to our existing paying customers who have purchased the 'Full site subscription'. In this case you would be entitled to a 25% share of our sales which is distributed based on content engagement (this means views, shares and interaction) by paying customers. Every few months we run a report which ranks content by:

  • engagement and
  • relative value of each piece of content (not all pieces of content are created equal - some have more 'value' than others based on a larger amount of words, shorter or longer videos, number of accompanying pieces of supporting material such as patient leaflets, documents that may accompany a video or video demonstrations that might accompany an article. We have a neat little way of factoring this 'relative value' into the royalty equation.

Most of our agreements to date have taken up both options.

How does it work technically?

Video-based content

If your content is video-based we either upload it to our own private Vimeo account and our content management system accesses the video from there, or if you already have a Vimeo account, you can set us up as an approved site to access your video material (this is easy to do) and give us the video URL for each video you want us to provide access to through our site, that way you don't need to send us the physical files and you can stay in control of your own content. We then create one or more pieces of "content" on our site that link to the Vimeo resources.

Text-based content

We would need you to provide us with text, images and any other media files (such as videos or other documents) and we would load this onto our site (generally we will try and do this without incurring a cost but if it's a time-consuming piece of content and requires a lot of work) we may have to deduct some direct costs for doing this from your first royalty payment.

Audio-based content (eg. podcasts)

We would either need the digital audio file or the embed code from the website you use to host your audio files.

What are the benefits of working with Co-Kinetic?

We have a technologically groundbreaking platform that's ready to go

  • It's quick and easy to get started, just send us your videos (or Vimeo URL) and or text and we'll do the rest
  • There are no costs, so no risks either - we don't charge to host the content
  • The technology is highly secure and robust and will keep your content safe
  • The copyright of the content remains with you
  • It doesn't require you to make any investment in technology
  • We do the marketing and search engine optimisation for you
  • We produce marketing materials which you can also use to promote your content
  • We provide a secure, frictionless purchasing process where customers can use saved credit cards (we use Stripe as our payment infrastructure)
  • You set the pricing (we're happy to help advise where required)
  • You choose the purchase options which are totally flexible (individuals can purchase either one single piece of content, or access to multiple pieces of content within a section and each can be manually priced)
  • We have an established and proven platform
  • We'll send you reports of sales/royalties every 1-2 months (in the second half of 2016 you'll be able to log into your account and view sales/royalties).

Great marketing reach which is growing all the time

  • An email marketing database of over 25,000 people (mostly based in the UK but increasingly overseas also)
  • 7,000 active users of the Co-Kinetic website
  • 2,500 paying subscribers
  • Average of 14,500 page views a month*
  • Average of 3,277 unique sessions a month*
  • Average of 1,731 unique users a month*
  • Just under 5,000 Twitter followers
  • Average of 200 new registrations per month on the Co-Kinetic website
  • Large UK audience - ideal for educators in the UK or anyone wanting to break into or expand their profile in the UK

(* average taken over last 14 months since the site was launched)


How much content do you want me to provide?

That's totally up to you. You can start with one piece of content which we would add into the most appropriate/relevant content section that exists on our site currently. If you'd like to provide 3+ pieces of content then we'd create a dedicated section of your own under the Content Partners area. We would probably also add it to the most relevant category within our main content also, just to make sure it has high visibility.

Who retains the copyright?

You do.

All we do is assess that the quality and relevance of the content matches the requirements of the Co-Kinetic site. If the content is text-based we may also need to sub-edit the article to ensure that it's grammatically correct and matches our house style but we keep this to as much of a minimum as possible.

You retain all rights to the content (this is different to the content we commission from scratch and produce, where we would hold copyright).

Can I provide access to my own customers through the Co-Kinetic site?

Yes by all means. We can create one or more licenses for you and you can easily upload your existing customer base for example students on courses, attendees on workshops, or past customers who have purchased access to these resources or been on courses previously. Our goal is to make your content available to an audience outside your own existing group, so we're completely comfortable for you to use our platform to provide access to your own group without limitation. We have a help post on how to upload people to a license, it's very easy and just requires a simple list in Excel with first name, last name and email address. We can help wherever needed. You can also add and remove individuals very easily at any time.

How does payment work?

We run a report every 2-3 months (we may increase the frequency of this as more content partners come on board) and make a royalty payment to PayPal. You will also be able to log into your account in Co-Kinetic and see your royalties when we implement the changes later in 2016.

Next steps

  1. If you would be interested in becoming a content partner, the next step would be to decide how much content you'd like to include as a starting point (we can always increase this later when you are happy with the process).
  2. Then get in touch with me ( outlining the content you would like to sell and promote on our site and also what format the content is in ie. video, text-based, presentation material etc.
  3. I will assess it along with a couple of my commissioning editors to ensure it meets the quality and standard we look for and then come back to you to discuss how you would like to price the content.
  4. Then we will organise for the content to be uploaded to our site and for the marketing guys to create some marketing material which can be used for promotion.
  5. We will then discuss with you how we intend to promote it and whether there are ways in which you can assist in this process and off we go!

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