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Sales Is Not About Selling, But About Building Trust And Educating [Article]

I work with a LOT of physical and manual therapists to help them grow their businesses, and those businesses come in all shapes, forms and sizes. But the one success factor that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and most often sorts the businesses that are thriving from those that are just surviving, is the commitment to adding genuine at every customer (or prospect) touch point with their business. This helps them to establish (and explicitly demonstrate) authority and expertise while also building a deeper level of trust with their clients. And as this article will demonstrate, trust pays in many different ways. It’s probably the single most valuable currency, particularly within healthcare. It drives what people are prepared to pay for their appointments, how loyal they are to your business, how likely they are to recommend you to family and friends, and how often they will take actions to support your business. We end the article with a cheat sheet of strategies you can use to build trust with not only your clients, but also prospective ones. Register (or sign in) below to read this article without needing a subscription.

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