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Reward Programmes For Therapists: Example Case Studies [How to Guide]

This article outlines example case studies of two client reward programmes, a ‘Refer a Friend’ programme and a ‘Request a Review’ programme. Each case study details how to choose your target audience, decide on your offer, present your offer, how to make sure it’s actionable and how to measure the outcome. It accompanies our article entitled ‘Reward Programmes for Therapists: From Planning to Implementation’ [insert link]. The full text of this article is available free of charge with your registered account. The template resources discussed in this specific article are available in the paid version and there is a full Reward Programme Implementation Kit, details of which can be found here [insert link to Implementation kit].

Resources included in the paid version of the article:

  • First Visit Gift Vouchers £20/€20/$20
  • UK Sterling, Euro and Dollar Vouchers of various values
  • Gift Certificate
  • Loyalty Card - A6 and Business Card Size
  • Net Promoter Feedback Card
  • 'Connect With Us Online' Leaflet
  • Google Review Handout
  • A Voucher Record Form
  • Reward Programme Implementation Checklist

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