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Rehabilitation adherence: is it time to prioritise?

If between 5.8-50% of people fail to attend clinic appointments, it's not difficult to imagine how few actually adhere to rehabilitation programmes and this has become one of the key challenges faced by health care practitioners. The pressures associated with returning patients to pain-free function as efficiently as possible requires competence and understanding of the practitioner in developing realistic home exercise programmes. The developing age of technology to assist rehabilitation prescription means that too often, too little time in a clinical setting is dedicated towards effectively prescribing, instructing and teaching the home exercise programme and reviewing its effectiveness in subsequent sessions. This article explores the challenges associated with home exercise programmes and puts forward a series of suggestions about how to maximise adherence to these programmes. The article also includes a certificated elearning assessment, a printable daily self report template for you to use with your own clients and the author's original patient exercise handouts for weeks 1-4 and weeks 5-8 for chronic ankle instability.

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