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Putting Your Marketing Funnel Into Practice [Article]

To recap, we’ve discussed the structure of a simple marketing funnel/customer journey, which is to make people aware of your business and ultimately lead them through to a purchase. We’ve also discussed a strategy that will allow you to do that in a way that fits with your professional integrity as a physical or manual therapist and that you can feel comfortable with (ie. it’s unsalsey). That strategy is referred to as ‘content marketing’, which involves distributing content that doesn’t explicitly promote your business, but stimulates interest in what you do and what you can offer, while at the same time adding value to your reader. The important thing to remember is that you must follow the funnel through and be thorough about doing each level because they interdepend and rely on each other. If you raise awareness of your business but then fail to nurture and engage those people, your leads will go cold and you effectively have to start from scratch again (which wastes the time and money you’ve invested so far). The good news is that as long as you’re consistently growing the audience you’re nurturing (ie. your email list) and you’re consistently and regularly performing the green nurture level, you can control the timing of your conversion layer. Register (or sign in) below to read this article without needing a subscription.