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Payments to sportEX Co-Kinetic

Existing subscriptions to sportEX

If you have a subscription to sportEX which is paid through one of our previous recurring payment methods such as:

  • direct debit (GoCardless and Harlands)
  • PayPal subscription (recurring PayPal payments)
  • FuturePay (recurring credit card payments)

...don't worry, everything will continue as normal and you don't need to change a thing, we'll look after everything and your subscription to that publication will continue as normal. As a company (and unlike most it seems) we feel it's essential to honour customer loyalty so as prices change over time, we always ensure nothing changes for our customers while your subscription remains active.

If you had a subscription to sportEX but it wasn't on a recurring payment method listed above then you can start afresh making use of the convenience of our new payment on for info.

New subscriptions and payments

If you don't have a current subscription with us then all new payments are now being processed by which is a well-established internet payment processor. Stripe allows us to allow you to store credit cards so that you only have to enter your card details once, and then you can any stored cards for future payments without having to re-enter your payment details (because of the security involved in this, until now this functionality has been the privilege of big online retailers like Amazon, but Stripe has made it possible for us smaller guys to offer the same convenience and hopefully this should make your buying experience as frictionless as is computer-possible). If you'd like more information about Stripe click here.

I have more than one payment going out of my account for sportEX Co-Kinetic subscriptions. Why is this?

Because we wanted to give you as much flexibility as possible to purchase the exact content you wanted, if you subscribe to several individual sets of content, each of these will be billed separately. It might seem a bit odd and it's actually not the most cost-effective way for us to do it either (as we get charged for every billing transaction) but it means that if you wanted to unsubscribe to one of these channels later, you could do so to the individual channel of your choice, instead of cancelling everything and then having to resubscribe to the ones you still wanted. However for this reason, each channel will be billed individually at the frequency stated when you purchased that particular piece of content.

An example

For example, if you purchased two channels of content such as "Current Trends in Sports Medicine" and "MSK Research in Practice" at the same time - these would be billed quarterly as two separate payments taken at the same time. If a month later you also signed up to the Sports Massage channel, that would be billed quarterly starting from the time you subscribed. So you would have three individual payments going out of your account each quarter, one for each channel. The first two would be taken at the same time, the third on the date you added it and thereafter every quarter.

Queries about payment frequencies

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or post them in the Comments at the end of this article.

I'm trying to click the Cancel button by my subscription but it's not letting me click it

We have disabled the Cancel button on subscriptions which are paid for by Standing order. This will only be relevant to very old subscriptions that were set up around 2000-2002. Because a Standing order is a contract between you and your bank, we are not able to cancel it for you. Which is why we disabled the Cancel button because we can't actually stop the payment from being made. So if you have a Cancel button that's unclickable, this is why. Contact your bank and cancel your standing order and when the payment doesn't come through at our end, we will automatically cancel your subscription. Any queries please post them in the Comments section at the end of this article.

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