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Optimising Your Physical Therapy Website to Generate New Leads and Get New Clients

People can visit your website as many times as they like but unless you can get them to ask for something, they're likely to be gone as fast as they arrived, leaving you empty-handed. You need to empower your website to generate new leads by being able to start the conversation. This conversation might be the chance for your visitor to ask a question, to request information, to sign up for a newsletter or a special offer or download a useful resource. Different things will work for different people so you need to measure what does and doesn't work. Once you've generated the leads, then you have the opportunity to convert them into clients but if you're not generating leads, you can't even get to first base.

This article will answer the following questions

  • What can Google Analytics tell me that I will find useful?
  • How can I tell if Google Analytics is already installed on my site?
  • How do I install Google Analytics on my site?
  • How do I set up goals from my Call to Action buttons?
  • How can I provide document downloads or collect contact details on my site?
  • What goals might I set up?
  • How do I create an animated gif of customer quotes or logos of companies I work with?

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