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The Massage Therapist's Survival Guide by Robert Granter

The review below, of the Massage Therapist's Survival Guide, was written by Bob Bramah, a sports massage practitioner and physiotherapist.

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Title – Massage Therapist’s Survival Guide Author – Rob Granter, soft tissue therapist Publisher – Self published with sportEX Reviewer - Bob Bramah, MCSP Target audience – Aimed at both students and experienced practitioners, regardless of experience and level of qualification.

Overview – Rob Granter’s passion is palpable in this guide. He imparts his obviously vast knowledge with clarity. An exceptionally comprehensive guide and a must for every practitioner’s collection.

Key features – It consists of eight main chapters:

  • How to seek appropriate mentors
  • Getting inspired about your profession
  • Optimising your technique
  • Optimising your treatment positions
  • Looking after yourself and avoiding injury
  • Using treatment therapy tools to relieve pressure on your body
  • Staying inspired
  • Protecting your business with adequate insurance

Style – Clear, concise and comprehensive. Delivered with an incontrovertible fervour for this subject. Well photographed and with meticulous descriptive text. An indispensable guide for every practitioner at every level.

Overall opinion – This is a great resource. Rob Granter is articulate and has a wealth of knowledge to impart. The emphasis is on the importance of posture and technique and the problems that inevitably arise when these are poorly applied. The detailed text and excellent photographs guide the reader through precise tutorials on correct techniques to optimise the effectiveness of treatment and to keep the therapist injury-free.

Not only does Rob Granter extensively expound the complications sustained by practitioners over time, but he also explains the specific anatomical areas under strain when performing each treatment with incorrect posture. He offers tips to counteract potential problems and exercises to correct existing problems. This book is suffused with invaluable advice encompassing all aspects of a massage therapist’s career. Highly recommended. A survival guide indeed and a wise investment.

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