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Mastering the Menopause Social Media Campaign and Lead Collection Campaign

Social media accompanied by a range of patient information resources on mastering the menopause, which you can post to Facebook or Twitter using our simple inbuilt social media scheduling tool (we also provide images for Instagram). Build more engaging social media pages, better brand perception and keep your social networks fresh with new content. And as each piece of social media also links to an email lead collection form where people can sign up to receive the downloadable resources, it also helps you to build your email list while adding value to your viewers.

Once they have entered their details, we collect those email details for you, and deliver them to the resources they have signed up to receive. This campaign also includes a range of 'lead magnets' (high value pieces of content) which your viewers can download once they've entered their email address (don't worry, we take care of the whole process for you). You can use the campaign to grow your email list, create engaging and informative social media pages and build your reputation and authority by publishing some super-helpful content to your social networks.

You can download a couple of patients leaflet and free social media images by logging in (or registering) for a free account below (no subscription required).

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