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Massage Mondays: Post Marathon Massage with Susan Findlay [Video]

About Susan Findlay

Susan is a prolific and passionate massage therapy educator. She founded the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM) and runs a wide range of courses, guest tutors on external courses, writes books and produces great videos. The video below is her latest.

You can find lots more content on Susan's website here

And find more Massage Monday videos on Vimeo at this link and on YouTube at this link.

Post Marathon Massage

The first event Susan ever did was the London Marathon.

It was an amazing day, where Susan gained an enormous amount of experience in recognising and learning what to do when things go south, but also being able to adjust and modify her approach depending on the individual circumstances.

For instance, a client's needs can be quite different depending on their experience as a marathon runner. In the case of a seasoned runner, a post event massage can be quite straight forward compared to someone who has just spent 5 hours running their first one.

The physiological demand placed on a beginner is much more significant and they will probably present more frequently with conditions such as cramps and spasms.

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