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Massage Mondays - Ankle Sprain with Susan Findlay [Video]

Each Monday, Susan Findlay from the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM) releases a new video covering a specific massage topic. You can follow Susan on Massage Mondays with Susan Findlay - Vimeo Channel [Link].

The protocol for an acute ankle sprain is different from a long term chronic condition. The main focus would be on stability and mobilising within a safe, pain free range of movement, then offering proprioception techniques.

This demonstration is for those situations wherein there is a historical condition or restriction due to gait issues.

As a soft tissue therapist, Susan bases her decisions on what she feels and less on traditional functional tests that rely on the visual skills of the therapist.

In this video Susan assesses how the ankle glides, responds to flexion, extension and rotation, and the quality of movement all the way up the chain, including hip and lower back.

This is a mini case study for you, using palpation skills to assess for restrictions while at the same time integrating treatment, using what we are good at, remedial soft tissue massage skills.

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