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Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists from Co-Kinetic: An Overview [Article]

What are Marketing Campaign Kits for Therapists?

They are Ready-Made Marketing Kits which include literally everything you need to run a marketing campaign to increase bookings, build trust and grow your social networks.

  • We write articles and provide images that you can publish under your own name on your website/blog for your clients and prospective patients
  • We give you text for accompanying social media posts along with matching images to help you build your social networks
  • And finally we produce printable promotional material you can use for physical advertising campaigns in and around your local area.

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Content versus Marketing Kits

We produce two different types of campaign kits: content and marketing.

Both are aimed at increasing appointments and building business but they do it in two different ways.

Content Campaigns

  • Generally focus on clinical or professional topics that are topical, newsworthy or timely. These are be the bedrock of the Marketing Kit subscription and initially we will be publishing 2-3 of these each month.
  • Content campaigns are ideal for building trust and reputation with both your existing customers as well as new customers, and building your online and social media profiles. They can be published through your website or blog and promoted on your social networks. They are designed to inform and educate, without being pushy or 'salesy'.

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Marketing Campaigns

These are more general, marketing-orientated campaigns such as:

  • 'Refer a Friend' - referral programmes
  • 'We'd Love to See you Again' - customer reactivation programme
  • We'd Love to Hear your Thoughts - customer feedback programme
  • Give the Gift of Massage Christmas Campaign - seasonal programme
  • A Gift for the Body, From the Heart - Valentine's campaign

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What's included in the kits?

Each kit is slightly different depending on the specific nature of the campaign but will generally include:

  • Banners you can use for blog posts, website articles and email newsletters
  • A selection of matching social media images optimised for the 6 main social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram)
  • Posters, leaflets and postcards that you can use in and around your clinic and local area for promotion of the campaign
  • Any other resources that might be needed to run the campaign such as leaflets, handouts, feedback cards, text for template letters or emails etc.
  • Step by step instructions on exactly how to use the resources and implement the campaign.

The Content Campaign Kits also include:

  • Pre-written (customisable) text and images for an email newsletter
  • Pre-written (customisable) website articles/blog posts with accompanying images
  • Text for 7 unique 'tweets' or social media posts each with accompanying images optimised for the 6 social networks listed above.

More details about the specific breakdown of content below.

How do I buy them?

  • You can either buy the campaigns individually - just click the Purchase button under the campaign description - prices vary depending on the kit contents and range from £49-£75 per kit. All the kits can be found at this link.

Or more cost-effectively

  • You can subscribe to all the kits including updates for £49 per month

Subscribe to All Kits - £49.00 per month

Specifications of the content supplied with the kits

Email Newsletter and Website/Blog Content

Everything you need to set up a blog post or article on your website which all the other promotional material can lead back to, along with all the material you need to promote the new article or blog post via an email newsletter. Copy and paste the text and edit to your heart's content.

  • 250-300 word email taster [Word file] - this is designed to be used as an email newsletter (either a stand alone one or the text can be included as part of a bigger email and is designed to lead them to your blog post or the article you have published on your website
  • 850 word article/blog post [Word file]
  • 600px wide image with article title for email header and blog/article post [jpg]
  • 800px x 800px square image with article title [jpg]
  • A downloadable and printable advice handout for your clients

Campaign Posters, Leaflets and Postcards

Print-ready (300dpi) artwork which can either be printed professionally or on a home/office printer (ideally colour) and used as part of an Appointment Prompt campaign in your place of work, as part of a mailout or for distribution locally. One version comes with a bleed (required for professional printing) and one comes without a bleed (normally the file will include the letters WOB). The files are literally ready to be sent for professional printing if desired.

  • Posters (usually both A4 and A3 size are provided)
  • Leaflets (A5 size)
  • Postcards (A6 size)

Social Media Material

To support your email and/or local promotion we’ve included a range of material for use across the social networks. This includes:

  • A selection of “Tweets”/interesting facts on the topic covered
  • Accompanying images for each of the pieces of text, sized specifically for each of the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram
  • A Hootsuite-compatible spreadsheet which you can use to automate the posting to the social networks
  • SEO keyword meta data including a meta title, description, and keywords

Other Supporting Material

Each campaign is unique and may include other elements not described above. Refer to each individual kit for an exact breakdown of what's included.

For example we have also created:

  • Checklists
  • Net Promoter Score Feedback cards
  • Loyalty Stamp Cards
  • Connect With Us Online templates
  • 'How to Give a Google Review' Handout
  • Step by Step Implementation Guides

We also include instructions on how to use each of the resources above.

Regularly Updated

We will also keep the kits updated on the basis of customer feedback so if there's something you'd like to see in a specific kit, please use the discussion area at the bottom of the article to talk to us or jump on the chat function in the right hand corner. The more input we receive, the better the kits will become :-)

See All Current Campaigns with Images Here OR Subscribe to All Kits - £49.00 per month

Video Walkthrough Showing How the Kits Work